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By: Martec  11-11-2011

MPS Auto Degauss

High residual magnetic fields in rotating machine components is responsible for creating damaging shaft voltages and currents. The cause of the magnetic fields can be traced to magnetic chucks and couplings, magnetic particle inspections, magnetic probes and mounts, welding and other sources of electrical currents such as static currents or lightning. Demagnetizing is a necessary preventive maintenance procedure for rotating machinery to remove unwanted magnetism and reduce the risk of shaft currents being generated from high residual magnetic fields.

MPS GaussoMeter

A reliable gauss meter, like the MPS Gaussometer, should be used routinely to take measurements on rotating machinery parts at operational shutdowns. Once the areas of high residual magnetism are identified, effective demagnetizing can be done with the automatic "downcycling" of the Auto Degauss.

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Motors, generators, compressors, turbines, general. Transformers, electrical panels, fuel tanks. Cables, XLPE MV and HV.



Non-intrusive, on-line, periodic condition assessment of cables and accessories. Periodic ultrasonic inspections of bearings, couplings, gears, valves, pumps. Ultrasonic detection of compressed air, steam, gas and vacuum leaks on-line. Seal integrity testing without application of pressure or vacuum. On-line acoustic monitoring of recovery boilers.


Martec - PRODUCTS - Acoustic Monitoring Systems

Triple 5’s On Line Systems, Bench Top and Portable leak detecting equipment will help you locate problem areas in the early stages before they grow too large causing longer down times, higher repair costs and possible harm to employees. Advanced technology is employed to locate leaks in all areas of the boiler including the furnace, waterwall, superheat, reheat, economizer, penthouse, and feedwater heaters.


Martec - PRODUCTS - CableWISE

Knowing a cable system’s weaknesses enables owners, asset managers and reliability engineers to be proactive in finding and fixing problems before they cause outages. Applicable to all types – PE, XLPE, EPR, PILC and other power cables operating at all voltages - 5kV to 345kV including mixed services. A detailed report with findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the customer.


Martec - PRODUCTS - CableCURE

Independent testing has proved conclusively that CableCURE® fluid improves the performance of all solid-dielectric cables by at least 0.5% per day, with peak performance improvements approaching 350% within two years of treatment. If your cable fails dielectrically after CableCURE treatment, UtilX will refund all of your money for the treated segment or segments of cable that experience failure for up to 20 years after the date of service.