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By: Makes You Think  09-06-2012
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Teaching and Speaking as one, Chris and Suzanne Styles are Africa’s leading coaches, professional speakers and thought leadership change catalysts. What do you, the discerning client, want, when deciding what speakers to use for your conference? Do you want engaging motivational speakers who use clever, powerful metaphors to teach what are even more powerful personal and business success lessons? Do you want professional conference speakers who have perfected the art of authentic story telling? Do you want powerful inspirational speakers who have ‘been there and done that’ life and business experience wise? Do you want speakers whose teachings are perfectly balanced so that they capture the imagination of both the men and the women in the audience? Chris and Suzanne Styles deliver against all the above and more. Given what this couple have experienced, their combined messages are guaranteed to get you and your audience thinking. This is what differentiates them from other speakers. This is their unique value proposition to you. Business Both Chris and Suzanne Styles have had senior corporate executive jobs and both have hands-on experience as small business owners. As such, they are well versed with the day-to-day business and people performance challenges presented to you, whether you are working in and for a corporate, or as a business owner and entrepreneur. They have celebrated the sweet taste of business success. They also know the bitter taste and public humiliation which goes with business failure. This makes them and their various business talks truly authentic and entertaining. The audience soon realizes that Chris and Suzanne do know and, because of this, Chris and Suzanne quickly build a good rapport with their audience which makes for an engaging and interactive learning session around to proactively create more business success and have fun whilst doing so. Here are some of the topics they talk about; Am I the enemy of my success? Overcoming fear in business. Doing good, is good for business. Understanding the business of business. Developing entrepreneurial habits for Success. Growing business creatively. How to think into results. Why do I keep doing that? [when I know it doesn’t work] How do I become a better leader? How do I improve my relationships? Personal Between them, Chris and Suzanne Styles have a great deal of life experience. They know what it is like to get married too young, to have children, to then find out that the person you have married is not “the one” and, to then go through a messy divorce. They understand the trauma which a divorce wreaks in everyone’s lives, including the children, and they know what a severe price everyone associated with this hurtful event, pays. No, Chris and Suzanne’s lives are not fairytales. Meeting in their forties and both carrying enough emotional baggage to fill a large cruise-liner, their marriage got off to a very rocky start. On the brink of yet another divorce and even more pain and anguish, they decided to turn all this around. Has it been easy? No! However, as a result of lots of hard work, implementing tough decisions and staying the distance, they saved their marriage. Both also began their own independent journeys of self-discovery and personal growth, journeys which would force them to face their innermost fears and understand their self-destruct triggers. Chris and Suzanne are real, every day people who in their forties turned their lives around in the most wonderful way. Because of this, their personal growth and life coaching talks tell it as it is and provide practical life lessons if you too want to turn your life around. Here are some of the topics they talk about; Am I the enemy to my success? Am I controlling my emotions, or are they controlling me? How do I improve my life? How do I build a prosperous life? How do I unlock my inner genius? How do I discover what I really want? Stop living as a drifter! Why do I keep doing that [when I know it doesn’t work]? How do I think into results? Am I in harmony with the universal laws? How do I move from desperation to purpose? How do I accelerate my career? How do I improve my relationships? My personal blueprint. How do I FEEL about money – What is my money blueprint? Money planning, what are you planning for? How do I make my annual salary my monthly salary? Relationships Nothing hurts one more, or as deeply on an emotional level, as love gone wrong. Truth be told, until just a few years ago, Chris and Suzanne Styles had both had many more hurtful, damaging relationships than they had had loving, fulfilling ones. To make matters even worse, when they paused and reflected truthfully on these failed relationships, there was a common pattern. The same wrongs, rendering the same unwanted results, were repeating themselves over and over again in their lives. As a result of this newfound awareness they both noticed many similarities around how their key relationships, whether personal or professional, functioned. Only by understanding their relationship blueprint and identifying their non-serving relationship paradigms, were they truly able to move their relationships from what they did not want to what they did want. Our Love Story Surviving Patsy [triumphing over and living with a tumultuous and abusive maternal relationship] Why does love hurt me so much? Why all men are bastards and all women are bitches! Is it ever OK to be the other woman? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. [People have all of these traits, and you gotta love them all!] How do I improve my relationships? Your relationship Blueprint.

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