Corporate Laughter Coaching products and training

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Client Services:

Hendrik Visserprovidesthe following services to the Corporate and public sectors:

1.Corporate de-stressing workshops.

 Laughter Coaching workshops for the Public and Corporate Sector:

 The need for laughter coaching in thebusiness and corporate world is increasing, and more and more executives seethe need for laughter and playfulness in their busy lives. There is a choice ofLaughter Coaching workshops from 60-90 minutes available and it will includethe following:

·       Fake LaughterExercises, breathing exercises, Stretching exercises, Childlike –playfulnessexercises and some Gibberish exercises.

·       Real LaughterExercises.

·       LaughterMeditation.

·       GuidedRelaxation.

·       GroundingExercise.

2.Ice-breakersfor Conferences.

Ice-breakers are available for anyonethat wants to bring something special into their Conferences, where people canlaugh without reason and still build up energy and a positive environment. Itwill make the participants feel more energetic and is a perfect technique tomotivate them as well.

 Laughter Coaching Ice-breakers areavailable in periods of 15-20 minutes and it can also be changed according tothe needs of the Organizers.

 3.Laughter Coaching Foundation programs for companies.

The Laughter Coaching foundationprograms are available to the corporate world, where they want to introducelaughter as a way of life into their existing wellness programs, and it also gohand-in-hand with the 2 day Certified Laughter Leaders program that isaffiliated to the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and Laughter YogaInternational.

 4. 2Day Certified Laughter Leadership programs  especially designed for the Corporate andBusiness world.

This program is especially designedfor the corporate and business world. 

·       The Modules:

 1.     The History of Therapeutic Laughter and Laughter Clubs.

2.     Laughter Yoga and the unique features of Laughter Yoga.

3.     The Physiology and Psychology of Laughter.

4.     Hard-wired Stress and Laughter systems.

5.     Benefits of Laughter Yoga.

6.     Contraindications to Laughter Yoga.

7.     The Laughter Yoga Session.

8.     What happens in a laughter Yoga session?

9.     The legal aspects of a Laughter Yoga session.

10.                       The Laughter YogaCoach.

11.                       Social LaughterYoga clubs.

12.                       Getting startedas a Laughter Coach.

13.                       Laughter Yoga forthe Business world.

14.                       Working as aLaughter Yoga Professional.

15.                       Laughter Yogabest practices.

16.                       The importance ofOxygen.

17.                       The 40 Foundationexercises.

18.                       More Laughterexercises.

19.                       One-on-One LaughterCoaching.


The successful candidates will beissued a certificate and will be registered as a Laughter Yoga Professional,with the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and with Laughter YogaInternational. The Company or the coach also has the option of becoming amember of the Prozone group for an additional fee of $60.00 per annum.

5. Laughter Team-building workshops.

 Laughter Yoga as a technique workswith Eye-contact, physical closeness, childlike –playfulness, clapping,positive affirmations and lots of laughter.

In a laughter coaching session theparticipants will need to trust each other and with the laughter meditation

 6. One-on-OneExecutive Laughter Coaching.

 The need for laughter coaching in thebusiness and corporate world is increasing, and more and more executives seethe need for laughter and playfulness in their busy lives.

 Laughter Coaching can help executivesand business people to cope with stress and it can be used as a tool to improvetheir and to resolve their workplace issues. The program for One-on-OneLaughter Coaching is of 3 hours duration and can be broken down in 1 hoursessions. After the successful completion of the Coaching sessions, there willbe a 15 minute session on Skype.


7. There are similar Laughter Coaching Trainingprograms available to suite every NGO and NPO,and to receive training in theirperspective field of work , for example there are training for people thatwants to work with old people, children etc..





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Corporate Laughter Coaching products and training

Laughter 4Executives is a boutique corporate wellness and corporate in-house trainingcompany full of fresh ideas and experience with a wonderful, powerful andunique “out of the box “product-Corporate Laughter coaching workshops and 2days Certified Laughter Coaching training seminars-.