Key Survey Premium Subscription

By: Key Survey  11-11-2011

Key Survey Premium is designed for users who want an easy-to-use survey tool that will let them create professional surveys in minutes.

Premium includes the ability to use branch logic, brand surveys with a company logo, generate customized reports, and display results graphically in real time.

No Key Survey Logo
Our focus is 100% customer centric. Your company's image is significantly enhanced when your respondents receive a survey that is completely logo- free.
Survey Theme Library
Automatic reports trigger by date or new respondent
Term - 1 year
Users - 1
Feature set - Premium
Credits - 10000
E-mail invitations - unlimited*
Survey - unlimited*
Survey questions - unlimited*

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Survey Solutions Overview

Companies of different size use Key Survey to perform various research tasks like measuring success of an advertising campaign, brand awareness surveys, testing of brand positioning in the market, consumer satisfaction researches and so on. Distributing employee surveys online is also superior to other forms as it helps create a greater feeling of anonymity among respondents and thus increases the true value of response data.


Key Survey FAQ

Note that partially completed responses to the surveys, that have not been distributed via our email system, can be saved and included into a report if IGNORE RESPONSE AND DO NOTHING or OVERRIDE WITH RESPONSE VALUES rules have been set on theSURVEY RULES page. While setting up a survey you can translate all parts of the survey including survey name, survey description, THANK YOU NOTE, questions, and answers into several languages.


Survey Software Benefits

You do not need to download or install any software and you may work with your Key Survey account from any computer connected to the Internet. Our application will guide you through entire process of survey creation, launching, and analysing the results. In case you're not a survey guru, you will find our library of survey templates most helpful. Should you ever get stuck - helpful hints are spread everywhere.


Key Survey Professional Subscription

It is the professional grade tool for use by all company-wide functions such as human resources, finance, IT, procurement, marketing, services and sales. Your company's image is significantly enhanced when your respondents receive a survey that is completely logo-free. The Professional subscription gives you access to the application's full functionality and feature set.