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By: Key Survey  11-11-2011
Keywords: Data Collection, survey software, Survey Design

A:Key Survey is the choice of thousands of organisations worldwide for its powerful features and unparalleled ease-of-use. Professional researchers and first-timers alike rely on Key Survey software to collect and analyse data, and report and present the results. The company's portfolio of data collection applications include Enterprise Solution, Workgroup Solution, Private Label Solution, Premium, Professional packages, and a variety of other survey service and support offerings including survey scanning, paper surveys, data entry, and panel selection.
A:Key Survey allows you to create and distribute surveys, collect response data and produce reports - all of which are marketing essentials - in a seamless, lightning fast online environment. Further, since the software runs off our servers, you have zero IT troubleshooting to worry about, allowing you to focus purely on getting results.
A:Inexpensive, fast, effective. A typical online survey costs half the price of a traditional mailed survey. The majority of responses are back in less than a week (usually sooner). Analysis can be virtually instantaneous and produce an astronomically high response rate of 50% on average - much higher than in traditional surveys.
A:Key Survey is a web-based application hosted on our secure servers. Users simply connect to Key Survey via the Internet, and log in to the application. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection, and you are ready to use Key Survey.
A:None. Our user-friendly interface and wizards guide you step by step through the survey design and distribution process.
A:No! Key Survey is a 100% web-based tool, which means that you will be able to work with your surveys anytime from anywhere!
A:To create a survey, we recommend you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher. Your respondents can use any web browser that meets CSS 1.0 and HTML 3.2 requirements. Your respondents will NOT need Java script to take the surveys.
A:Because Key Survey is a web-based application, when we add new features, you will have access to them immediately the next time you use our survey tool. There is no need to download any software or make system adjustments.
A:FREE Tech support is provided to our users through an interactive website utility, by e-mail and by phone. Live website Support is our unique offer to you that allows you to discuss all important issues in an online chat. Just click on the picture of the woman in the upper right hand corner of our application to get help with any questions you have.
Please note the working hours:
Live Support: Mon - Fri, 6 a.m. - 1 a.m. SAST
Phone Support: +44(0)8451-303345 Mon - Fri, 6 a.m. - 1 a.m. SAST.
A:Just go to the Subscribe section and select a payment method. If you'd like to purchase a customized subscription or have any questions about your purchase, call our Sales Support, at: 888-708-8118 (Toll Free).
A:There are two ways: (a) Delete the results of those people who answered the questions and then delete the questions, or (b) Hide the answered questions and create the same new ones. If you do not have responses to your questions you can easily delete them.
A:You can add questions, hide old ones, edit questions and answer options texts once your survey is generating responses. However, you can only change the text content.
A:Go to LAUNCH page where you can find the options for start and end dates and TIME OF YOUR SURVEY and set the proper dates.
A:You can convert your survey to a PDF file, if this feature is included in your subscription you can find a PRINT icon next to the survey name on the home page in your account.
A:The ABSOLUTE RANK checkbox is used in the RATE DIFFERENT ITEMS ALONG THE SCALE OF YOUR CHOICE question type and allows your respondents to rate items using each rating only once.
A:To make your survey active or inactive go to SURVEY LAUNCH page where you will be able to set your survey start and end dates or response limit.
A:Send e-mail reminders to those who have not completed your survey. On the E-MAIL RESULTS page, the E-MAIL REMINDER button will take you to the page where you can set up the reminder to be sent out. It will automatically be sent on a pre-set date.
A:Go to the REPORT > NEW > RULES page. If you have any partially completed responses, you will find a special check box which allows you to include abandoned answers into the report. Note that partially completed responses to the surveys, that have not been distributed via our email system, can be saved and included into a report if IGNORE RESPONSE AND DO NOTHING or OVERRIDE WITH RESPONSE VALUES rules have been set on the
A:Go to the REPORT > NEW > QUESTIONS page and check HIDE checkboxes for the questions which you do not want to see in your report.
A:The easiest way is to simply type your questions in the other language. Key Survey has a feature called MULTILINGUAL SURVEY. Use this feature to launch the same survey in different languages. While setting up a survey you can translate all parts of the survey including survey name, survey description, THANK YOU NOTE, questions, and answers into several languages.
A:We encourage you to try the tool before you buy. By registering the you obtain a 30-day FREE access to Key Survey. There's no limit to the number of surveys and questions you can create. You can also distribute them to as many respondents as you wish.
The only limitation of the trial version is 20 credits which allows you to see the report for only 20 first responses.

Keywords: Data Collection, Survey Design, survey software

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Survey Solutions Overview

Companies of different size use Key Survey to perform various research tasks like measuring success of an advertising campaign, brand awareness surveys, testing of brand positioning in the market, consumer satisfaction researches and so on. Distributing employee surveys online is also superior to other forms as it helps create a greater feeling of anonymity among respondents and thus increases the true value of response data.


Key Survey Premium Subscription

Premium includes the ability to use branch logic, brand surveys with a company logo, generate customized reports, and display results graphically in real time. Key Survey Premium is designed for users who want an easy-to-use survey tool that will let them create professional surveys in minutes. Your company's image is significantly enhanced when your respondents receive a survey that is completely logo- free.


Survey Software Benefits

You do not need to download or install any software and you may work with your Key Survey account from any computer connected to the Internet. Our application will guide you through entire process of survey creation, launching, and analysing the results. In case you're not a survey guru, you will find our library of survey templates most helpful. Should you ever get stuck - helpful hints are spread everywhere.


Key Survey Professional Subscription

It is the professional grade tool for use by all company-wide functions such as human resources, finance, IT, procurement, marketing, services and sales. Your company's image is significantly enhanced when your respondents receive a survey that is completely logo-free. The Professional subscription gives you access to the application's full functionality and feature set.