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Statistical analyses from Kati Mhone

By: Kati Mhone  12-22-2011
Keywords: data analysis, Report Writing, Statistical Analysis

Whether you are a student, university lecturer or a professional and wish to make more sense in statistics and learn to use SPSS for your data analysis I can help you.

  • - Populations and samples
  • - Descriptive statistics
  • - Probability
  • - Standard error and confidence intervals
  • - Significance testing, one- and two-tailed tests, Type I and II Errors
  • - Effect size and statistical power
  • - Factor analysis, principal components analysis
  • - Testing associations and correlations (Chi-square test of association, log-linear analysis, Pearson's product moment correlation, Spearmans rank correlation)
  • - Testing difference between group means (t-test, one-way and factorial ANOVA)
  • - Building a regression model to predict an outcome (multiple and logistic regression)

Keywords: data analysis, Report Writing, Spss, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis

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