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By: Kati Mhone  12-22-2011
Keywords: data analysis, Report Writing, Statistical Analysis

SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Nearly every social science graduate student has encountered SPSS at some point in his/her graduate career. SPSS is an essential feature of statistical analysis for many social science researchers. It is also widely used in business.

SPSS software was designed to perform statistical analysis on quantitative data. In plain English, SPSS software is used for complex calculations to analyze numerical data. SPSS software is used in nonprofit agencies, educational institutions and even in business to analyze numerical data. It performs functions such as regression, which is a form of predictive calculation used to determine the relative effect of a single factor on a situation.

Learn the following SPSS functions:

  • - Creating a datafile and capturing data
  • - Perfoming missing value analysis and initial data screening
  • - Plotting and interpreting graphs
  • - Data transformations
  • - Descriptive statistics and frequencies
  • - Chi-square test
  • - Correlations
  • - One-way and factorial ANOVA, t-test
  • - Factor analysis
  • - Multiple regression, including dummy coding of categorical predictors
  • - Logistic regression

Keywords: data analysis, Report Writing, Spss, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis

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