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Call Centre and Surveys from Joshua Trust

By: Joshua Trust  02-24-2011
Keywords: administration, Secretarial Services, Data Capturing

 Client Surveys
We survey customers or intermediaries telephonically and provide our clients with monthly reports that track improvement and deterioration, whether in respect of product satisfaction, store experience, sales, administration, claims etc. This information is vital to establish whether clients and / or intermediaries are satisfied with service levels and to establish whether improvement measures are successful.  

Employee Surveys  
The experience and perceptions of employees as to internal processes, management skills, developmental- and promotional opportunities, loyalty to the corporate values etc are often as important to gauge as customer experience. In fact, the experience and perceptions of employees could very well affect the results of customer experiences.  

Data Verification  
Having access to masses of client data is only useful if that data is indeed accurate. An e-mail marketing campaign to your clients is not possible if you do not have their e-mail addresses. An SMS campaign is only possible if you have current cellular numbers. Our agents will contact your clients and update all personal- and contact information on your behalf. This will ensure that your marketing campaigns are targeted and accurate.   

Lead Generation  
For Retailers, we contact clients to establish their areas of interest, their lifestyles and their hobbies to ensure personalised and focussed marketing campaigns to the database. This will allow retailers to adapt their service offering or direct their marketing and sales campaigns based on relevant information as it applies to the customer base. Indiscriminate and therefore costly sales or marketing campaigns are therefore prevented.  

Data Capture
Very often internal sales campaigns or new product launches fail, not due to the campaign or the product itself, but due to internal system restrictions or -complications. Generally, the systems development and IT support lag new initiatives and this is where we can be of service: we can manage the application templates, the data capturing and the data storage, as well as provide reports, on an independent and autonomous system.   

Account and Client Retention  
We contact clients whose payments or support have ceased and assist with reinstatement / revival of accounts, policies etc based on the specific organisation- and product rules and restrictions. This service is one of our areas of expertise and our conversion rate across campaigns is in excess of 40%.  

Quality Control  
As an Approved Financial Services Provider, we have to ensure compliance to the FAIS Act, the FSB regulations and thequality assurance processes required by our clients on the various campaigns. These processes of listening to voice recorded telephone calls, capturing the results and reporting on the various aspects to identify training and mentoring needs are laborious, but critical.   

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