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By: Itatec  11-11-2011
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Our time-and-attendance and access control solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications: from factories to office buildings.


My employees are cheating my time-and-attendance system by clocking in for each other.

Time-Attendance Solution:

Installing a biometric reader for clocking IN and OUT will make “buddy clocking” impossible. The reader scans the employee’s fingerprint, so nobody but that employee can clock IN or OUT.


Certain areas of my factory need to be protected against unauthorised access.

Biometric Access Control Solution:

Biometric access control allows you to assign permissions to employees, thereby limiting the areas that they can access, or permitting access to areas which are off-limits to other staff members.


We use a card system for clocking factory staff IN and OUT , but our payroll is rife with errors relating to the calculation of hours employees have worked.

Time-and-Attendance Software Solution:

Take advantage of our time-and-attendance monitoring and management software and integrate your payroll with clocking readers that will automatically upload IN- and OUT-clockings and accurately calculate and export hours worked to your payroll system.


We have a few remote branches without internet connectivity. Is there a way we can bring the clockings back to our head office for processing?.

Anviz Fingerprint Reader Solution:

Some of our Anviz models have a USB Flash Drive port. You plug in the Flash Drive and download the clockings and then take the flash drive back to your head office where the software will import the data and add it to your existing clockings for transfer to your payroll.


Can we connect many fingerprint readers to a single server on our WAN to provide for clocking at our branches around the country?

Cwbio Network Management Solution

We have a specialised software product that is able to communicate with hundreds of readers over large geographical areas. We use Cwbio network management software for this purpose. It will control and store all the employees’ information on a central server and keep up to date by communicating with the fingerprint readers wherever they are. This solution is dependent on there being a reliable network connection to each reader.

Do you have time-and-attendance or access control problems?

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Other products and services from Itatec


Biometric Access Control | Time And Attendance Monitoring

As their sole South African representative and a core partner, Itatec offers special deals and affordable options for a wide range of Anviz readers and software applications.These high quality Anviz readers are ideal for companies that are constrained by budget considerations. Specially trained technicians offer full support, and our advanced Time-and-Attendance software enables full integration with your payroll system.


T60 | Itatec

T60 is a professional fingerprint access control system which fully integrates LCD, keypad, optical fingerprint sensor, card reader and professional access control components. Support time zone, group access control and realtime data monitor, easy-to-use and use-friendly software. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on a door frame.


T5 | Itatec

Encrypted Wiegand output to connect with Anviz uncomplicated access controller. BioNano core fingerprint algorithm for time-and-attendance and access control. User enrollment on the unit or in the management software on the computer. Standard Wiegand26 output to connect with standard access controller. Waterproof and dustproof fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint; card; fingerprint and card. Fingerprint Storage Capacity – 512.


T50 | Itatec

Fast fingerprint identification is combined with a compact design to unveil the smallest time attendance and access control reader. T50 is a new generation of simple fingerprint time attendance and access control readers. Optional waterproof cover for outdoor use.


OA1000 | Itatec

The OA1000 can be used in larges-scale enterprises and in places with a high security level where fingerprint identification is required. Multiple identification methods – fingerprint; card; fingerprint and card; ID and fingerprint; ID and password; card and password. OA1000 fully integrates fingerprint identification, RFID, camera, wireless, multimedia and embedded system technology.


D100 | Itatec

Desktop series D100 is a basic time and attendance system from Anviz, designed for small and medium companies, with up to 1 000 employees. Texas Instruments 32-bit high speed CPU – low power consumption. Waterproof and dustproof AFOS300 fingerprint sensor. USB Plug and Play connection – no driver needed. Finger print capacity – 2 000.


EP300 | Itatec

EP series is ideal for portable or backup use or in the event that there is no AC power available.Furthermore, the casing of EP series has been made with recycled carbon materials and has no surface painting treatment. Anviz’s commitment to environmental protection guarantees that our products are environmentally safe. BioNANO V10 core fingerprint algorithm – high speed and stability.