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By: Intsatsakusa  11-11-2011

We have wide experience and interest in field work research, data collection and capturing to meet various Project and Research needs. One of our advantages is in our multilingual skills, which allows us to access all areas of the country without experiencing any language barriers.   We us current methods of Research in areas of HIV/AIDS and several other subjects impact and assessment on

We are able to develop all Research tools and instruments to ensure both Qualitative and Quantitative data are accessed for Research objectives.

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Intsatsakusa Consulting - Consultancy - inclusive

This notion refers to difficulties that arise within the work environment as a whole, the working site and/or within the worker him/herself which prevent both the system and the employee needs from being met. The plan to support an employee will be developed in collaboration with the individual, the unions, supervisors and management team in general and the institution-level Support Team, where such a team exists.