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By: Intsatsakusa  11-11-2011

We conduct evaluations of inclusivity in workplaces to ensure that they accommodate and support individuals experiencing various barriers to learning.

Barriers to learning:
This notion refers to difficulties that arise within the work environment as a whole, the working site and/or within the worker him/herself which prevent both the system and the employee needs from being met.  When, based on objective evaluation made by an employment or health authority or, it is ascertained that working is hampered where such needs are not met, sound measures must be applied. The specific areas for consideration are the level of support and the individual’s support plan.

Level of support
A range of factors will be taken into account to determine the level of intensity of support needed by individual employees.  These factors could be intrinsic to the worker him/herself or factors within the working and living environment of the worker.

Individual Support Plan
This plan will be designed for employees who need additional support or expanded opportunities.  The plan to support an employee will be developed in collaboration with the individual, the unions (where applicable), supervisors and management team in general and the institution-level Support Team, where such a team exists.  This would not be fixed but will be reviewed on a regular basis in terms of its applicability and effectiveness.  It should be applied to enhance the employee’s participation in all work activities, taking into account all factors that may hamper his/her progress at a professional, social or emotional level. The plan should be captured in the Employee Profile and used to inform the kind of ongoing support that is given to him/her by supervisors, colleagues and as well as by other support providers.  Such a plan should never become a stand-alone program that functions outside the main scope of planning which supervisors and management do for all employees.

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