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Leadership is an expression of the worldviews, beliefs and values of the people involved and, like life itself, cannot be reduced to a formula or checklist. Inclusivity therefore offers a customised range of leadership programmes that are co-created with individuals that are seeking to assume the mantle of leadership:

Developing Leadership Group –

transforming an intact leadership group or team

  • Establishing general and specific leadership requirements
  • Designing a customised leadership process
  • Conducting appropriate leadership assessments
  • Facilitating leadership sessions, retreats, programmes
  • Conducting on-going interventions and coaching
  • Monitoring and observing leadership behaviours
Coaching Leaders

– engaging with the individual on a personalised process

  • Establishing an acceptable “fit” between individual and coach
  • Conducting evaluation and assessments and concluding an agreement
  • Carrying out observations and providing guidance / interventions
  • Engaging according to a mutually agreed plan
  • Facilitating private sessions together with other individuals and groups
Leading Culture Change

– embarking on a culture change process

  • Setting the context for the culture change journey
  • Developing a “roadmap” for the change journey
  • Creating awareness of the culture and change
  • Establishing understanding of the culture and change
  • Obtaining acceptance of the culture and change
  • Obtaining commitment to the culture and change

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Change leadership and implementation

The process involved developing internal change agents to drive the new behaviours that were identified and introduced a "customer intimacy" service strategy. The recent merger created high risk for our culture and we used Rob Reiche to help establish a unified culture. Rob's engagement and expertise in this field has greatly benefitted our organisation.


Employee engagement

Inclusivity provides a comprehensive range of programmes and assignments which will facilitate creating a successful Engagement Culture in your organisation. Many organisations seek to establish an Engagement Culture with the aim of attracting and retaining the key talent necessary for innovation and growth. Facilitating Groups – a programme aimed at training group facilitators. Designing and conducting appropriate interventions.


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What does Inclusivity do with personally identifiable information?Personal information you voluntarily supply when obtaining information, purchasing products, or interacting with our advertising on securenetworx.co.za is not shared for non-Inclusivity purposes.



MTN has engaged the services of Inclusivity in various capacities ranging from strategic HR project management, Human Capital solutions to the development and implementation of various change and organizational effectiveness interventions across the MTN Group of operations. The quality and support received has added huge value to further our Group HR and organizational development and learning strategic objectives.