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By: Imdm  11-11-2011

Our adhesive vinyl product by a company founded in 1996 is of the finest quality PVC-based vinyls in the world. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified. All our vinyls come in rolls of 50 meters with a width of 610mm. The material has a thickness of 0.09mm and has a backing of raw paper with a PE coating of 120g.

Respect adhesive vinyl offers brilliant colour, excellent covering power and an outdoor durability span of 2 – 3 years. The same product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available colours are as per below:

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Since we launched it at the Sign Africa Roadshow in Durban in March 2010, the Solaris – South Africa’s most affordable wide format digital printer – has been sold and installed across South Africa. IMDM, a digital graphics and sign equipment supplier and official distributor of the most affordable wide format printer in Africa – the Solaris – has appointed Vish Naidoo as their Head of Sales.


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As a new company we launched with a range of wide format UV and solvent digital printers, a series of digital printing substrates as well as our own line of high quality digital inks. The manufacturer of thes eprinters hold several Quality Certifications, like ISO9001, CE and UL among others. Our printers are Flora Digital wide format and super wide format solvent and UV digital printers.


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We understand the the importance of colour management and printing quality, so not only do we ensure the stability of our printing ink, but we also provide excellent after sale service. The ink is famous for the following features- water proof and UV- resistant for more than 3 years, brilliant color saturation and excellent printability compared to original makers.