HHH Airslide Conveyor (Aeration belt)

HHH Airslide Conveyor (Aeration belt) from HHH Technology Inc.

By: HHH Technology Inc.  02-24-2011
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 HHH Tech airslide fabrics are manly used for conveying free flowing powder and granulate bulk materials. Airslide fabrics are produced using various textiles and yarns. This enables us to offer customers fabrics of various thicknesses, air permeability, tensile strength and heat resistance.HHH Air slide Conveyer uses the forces of gravity to do most of the work without any moving parts. Material is fluidized through a porous media with low pressure air. Material flow is achieved by sloping the Airslide conveyor to match the fluidized angle of repose of the powdered material. At the correct slope, fluidized materials flow with the consistency of a liquid. Airslide Air Gravity systems provide highcapacity material handling while offering many economical and environmental advantages. Energy requirements are minimal because only a small volume of air at a low pressure is required to move material. Since the system is installed overhead, valuable floor space and added headroom are available for other purposes. By eliminating the need for massive support members, it permits a flexibility of plant design not available with straight-line conveyors. The Airslide conveyor is dust tight. As a result, the system is extremely friendly to the environment.

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