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By: HHH Technology Inc.  02-24-2011
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The Air-Slide consists of a rectangular chamber separated by a permeable cloth. The chamber is inclined at a very slight angle (as low as 1.5°). Compressed air is injected into the lower chamber which then permeates through the media and “fluidises” the product. The product then behaves like a fluid and “flows” down the length of the chamber. The excess air is vented to a dust collector.

Air slide Fabrics are used to transport solids with a high flow rate over long distances. Air slides provide an efficient, low energy system with minimum maintenance. They are available with multiple inlets and multiple outlets by use of integrated segment valves.

There are two main fabrics used in this application for normal conditions, Cotton or Polyester.Both types are of solid woven construction and are porosity tested during manufacture to ensure conformance to the permeability required.Traditional Cotton fabrics have been used for many years in the cement industry, and are still available
in a limited number of widths with woven selvedges. Polyester fabrics are not affected by moisture as are the Cotton belts, and are available cut to width with heat sealed edges. Two anti-static grades are also available.For special applications such as high temperature other materials are manufactured using modern hi-tech fibres such as Nomex® and Kevlar®. All of our Airslide fabrics are available in open rolls, cut to size pads or fabricated shapes such as cones.

Keywords: Air Slide

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