By: Hemcon  11-11-2011

Saving Lives and Improving Care Through Creative Solutions
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. has built a successful product development process to match requirements with solutions.  As a technological contributor to the medical device industry, HemCon products serve a unique set of needs within the medical community.  Across a short time horizon, HemCon has produced inventions to satisfy the most critical issues.

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ChitoGauze Dressings Overview

The natural, unique characteristics of chitosan and HemCon’s proprietary manufacturing process, together create ChitoGauze which slows the blood movement through the dressing, offering a local hemostatic solution. The chitosan in ChitoGauze binds red blood cells and platelets on the dressing’s surface which provides localized clotting independently from the normal clotting cascade*.


HemCon Bandage 1.5 x.1.5

The red blood cells and platelets are drawn towards the bandage through this ionic interaction, a strong seal is formed at the dermal wound site. After hemostasis is achieved, a transparent dressing will keep the HemCon Bandage in place, allowing it to provide an antibacterial barrier. HemCon bandages have an antibacterial barrier, provide quick hemostasis, are effective on anticoagulated patients, and are cost effective.