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Aquarium Maintenance from Hambani Aquatica

By: Hambani Aquatica  01-13-2014
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ABOUT US…… Hambani Aquatica is an innovative and talented Company capable of providing a wide range of specialist Aquarium designs, construction, filtration, installation and system commissioning along with the ON-GOING maintenance, quarantined livestock supply & support. We have been in the industry for a combined thirty year period. We have also worked on Projects with BBC Television on species documentaries, Big Brother – Mnet Reality TV program, Coral Propagation, Johannesburg Zoo, National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria, Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, Fish Food Projects from Farm to Restaurant and many others. We have worked in various parts of the world, namely Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and so on... Conflicting opinions in the aquarium industry are rife! As a novice, this confusion is very troublesome. It makes the hobby more like work instead of enjoyment. You spend a lot of time running around gathering information and equipment just to find out it is worthless. We adopt an extremely simple approach to aquarium keeping and maintenance that has worked very well over the years. We will strive to develop the aquatic industry through training and development of our staff AND our clients to provide quality service to aquariums. We have designed, planned and installed aquariums as small as 60 litre aquariums right up to Marine Seawater aquariums as large as a 65 000 litres. Every aquarium system from 60 litres to 65 000 litres is a completely new experience if designed each time. I believe that each aquarium SHOULD be planned correctly to achieve success. There are no shortcuts to doing things the correctly. Compromise so often ends in failure. We invite you as the potential client to contact us and discuss or arrange a consult / meeting with us regarding any aquatic matters! Marine Aquariums require committed and intensive maintenance as well as specialized tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis. The degree to which your aquarium is maintained has a direct effect upon the health of its inhabitants as well as the beauty of the display. We maintain Corporate, Commercial and Private aquariums. We structure our maintenance program to suit clients' individual requirements. The service we offer will be of the highest order. Our maintenance calls are clockwork regular. Maintenance will be on according to a scheduled program related to the aquarium type. A report sheet is filled in on every call to capture details and information for a good historical reporting system on your aquarium, open for your perusal at any time if so required. OUR GOAL IS TO OFFER YOU A COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE PACKAGE FOR YOUR AQUARIUM IN YOUR OWN ENVIRONMENT!!!

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