Grail Research: Solutions Overview

By: Grail Research  11-11-2011
Keywords: Global Business, Market Intelligence

Grail Research was created with the sole purpose of meeting the market intelligence needs of organizations in today’s fast-paced, complex, global business environment. The solutions we provide are driven by our beliefs about clients' needs and the demanding environments in which they operate.

Grail Research can have a team up and running within 24 hours and will tailor research approaches to deliver information based on your timeline. We also offer same-day turnaround on basic information requests for our relationship clients

Our client service officers are experienced consultants who are successful because, just like your highest-performing team members, they are able to take ambiguous questions and, with a few brief (i.e. 15 minute) check-in conversations, deliver exactly the information you need

Grail Research embraces uncertainty and structures projects to be flexible, allowing discovery and client feedback early in the research process to guide the approach, scope, deliverables and timeline moving forward. Unlike other firms, our Monitor Group management consulting heritage ensures a level of comfort with learning and adapting as projects unfold

Grail Research has expertise in a wide variety of research techniques. We take a multidisciplinary research approach for most projects to ensure we are gathering the right data and providing our clients with a complete, unbiased and validated perspective. For example, projects may begin with the review of reports and databases then move to qualitative expert interviews before launching a quantitative survey

Critical to the success of a research project is the ability to synthesize and frame data in the global context in which clients operate. To provide the global perspective clients need, Grail Research has assembled a team of experts that understand the culture, language, business networks and regulatory environments of key countries and regions around the world

While the success of a research project depends on the detailed data collection and analysis and intricacies that go on behind the scenes, clients care most about synthesized answers communicated in a clear, concise, business-relevant manner

To truly be a next-generation research firm and help our clients meet the complex challenges of today’s business environment, requires new thinking about how to organize and operate. From our rigorous recruiting process to our unique project engagement model, proprietary technology and exclusive network of experts, Grail Research is aligned to deliver exactly the service experience, data and insights our clients need

Grail works with clients in the way that best suits their demand for information and analytics. For clients with a constant demand for high quality market intelligence, we dedicate a team to support both recurring and ad-hoc information needs. For our project-based clients, we have a large team of experts to support projects as needs arise.

Keywords: Global Business, Market Intelligence

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Grail Research: Solutions: By Engagement Model

When clients have market intelligence needs around a specific decision, Grail Research can quickly assemble a team with the experience and capabilities to gather insights and answer strategic questions on a focused and one-off basis.


Grail Research: Industry: Consumer Brands

Evaluate new market opportunities because our multidisciplinary research approach ensures data is gathered and validated using a variety of primary and secondary sources, and our global perspective ensures you benefit from local insight, even when investigating poorly-covered geographies and sectors.


Grail Research: Industry: Technology

Our firm specializes in providing technology and telecom providers with fresh, customized, cost-effective proprietary primary data to help them make more informed decisions that keep them ahead of the competition. Proprietary insights – unlike syndicated reports, the data and insights gleaned are yours alone, providing your decision-makers with an information advantage over the competition.