Grail Research: Solutions: By Engagement Model

By: Grail Research  11-11-2011
Keywords: Market Intelligence

Clients have the flexibility to engage Grail Research in a variety of ways, depending on the breadth, depth, time sensitivity and predictability of their needs. Arrangements generally fall into the following broad categories.


When clients have market intelligence needs around a specific decision, Grail Research can quickly assemble a team (usually within 48 hours) with the experience and capabilities to gather insights and answer strategic questions on a focused and one-off basis.


Clients with recurring needs for a predictable type of market intelligence/analysis, or with ongoing need for support across a range of strategic decisions at a predictable volume can engage Grail Research on a retainer basis. Retainer clients benefit from a dedicated team and guaranteed support for decisions whenever they arise. Retainer teams operate as an extension of your “inner circle”, providing the insight you need to confidently make decisions.

Dedicated Center

Global companies looking to reduce costs and increase service levels by consolidating their ‘high-end’ market intelligence and analytics groups often view outsourcing and offshoring as an attractive solution. History shows that it is hard even for experienced global players to realize benefits from offshore operations for functions outside of a company’s core line of business without expert guidance. Market intelligence and analytics is our core line of business and by partnering with Grail Research, clients can realize the transformational benefits they envision. Grail Research can provide a wide range of options for business arrangements with dedicated centers – from large retainers to outsourcing and joint ventures.

Keywords: Market Intelligence

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Grail Research: Solutions Overview

To provide the global perspective clients need, Grail Research has assembled a team of experts that understand the culture, language, business networks and regulatory environments of key countries and regions around the world. Grail Research was created with the sole purpose of meeting the market intelligence needs of organizations in today’s fast-paced, complex, global business environment.


Grail Research: Industry: Consumer Brands

Evaluate new market opportunities because our multidisciplinary research approach ensures data is gathered and validated using a variety of primary and secondary sources, and our global perspective ensures you benefit from local insight, even when investigating poorly-covered geographies and sectors.


Grail Research: Industry: Technology

Our firm specializes in providing technology and telecom providers with fresh, customized, cost-effective proprietary primary data to help them make more informed decisions that keep them ahead of the competition. Proprietary insights – unlike syndicated reports, the data and insights gleaned are yours alone, providing your decision-makers with an information advantage over the competition.