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By: GR8 FAX  04-17-2013
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Now you can finally get rid of that bulky old fax machine and replace it with an eco-friendly, paper saving, cloud based fax solution. With GR8 Fax’s fax to email service you can receive faxes through the internet, using your own unique 086 fax number. Incoming faxes goes directly to your email inbox and get delivered as a PDF attachment. Faxes can also be sent out from your email account – to learn more go to: Email to Fax – Fax Out Fax to Email Overview Cloud Fax Services With GR8 Fax you get a cloud based fax service that allows you to receive faxes by email. Faxes are delivered to your email account as attachments free of charge. Fax in the Cloud. Let your faxes find you anywhere you have internet access. Compatibility The Fax to Email solution is compatible with all email client including Gmail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird and Outlook. Any smart device connected to the Internet will allow you to send and receive faxes. How does it work? On registration a 086 fax number gets linked to a user’s email address allowing them to receive faxes via email. Any fax that is then received on the 086 fax number will automatically be sent to the linked email account. The cloud based fax solution makes it possible for users to be offsite and still receive their faxes easily and securely. The fax to email solution is not device specific and as long as an active internet connection is available, users can send and receive faxes from PC, Mac & Mobile devices. How do I receive a fax? When a fax is received by the secure fax server the faxed document is converted to PDF. The fax server then looks up the linked email address for the 086 fax number and sends out the PDF document as an attachment on an email. Users can then simply access their email accounts to retrieve the fax. As an alternative users can also log into the online admin porthole to retrieve their faxes. What number do I get? The fax to email service makes use of premium rated numbers from Telkom. Registered users will receive a free 086 xxx xxxx fax number that is linked to their email addresses. Numbers will be free to keep as long as the service is maintained. The 086 fax numbers are currently only for national use. How do I send faxes? If you can send an email you can send a fax. Once users have activated their Email to Fax accounts they can simply open up a new email, attache the file and hit send. It is that simple. To learn more about sending a fax and the Email to Fax service (Fax out) please go to: Email to Fax Fax to Email Features 1. Free registration. There is no registration fee. You can register as many accounts as you want. 2. Cloud based fax service. No hardware/software required – Just an active internet connection. 3. Save paper. Only print the documents you absolutely need. Save paper = Save trees! 4. Increase privacy. Faxes are sent directly to the designated person. No unauthorised faxing. 5.Save money. Save on fax machine maintenance and line rental cost. The free fax to email service utilises your existing infrastructure. 6. Eco-Friendly. Save on ink cartridges & electricity – use the cloud based fax solution.

Keywords: Cloud fax service, Fax to email,

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Fax to Email: How efficient can your business be?

Be efficient outside the office with Fax to Email. GR8Fax’s fax to email service allows you to always be in touch with your office, clients, customers and suppliers without being suck at your desk waiting for things to happen. Now you can be on the road generating new business while still handling everything ells.


Save time, money and resources with free fax to email and email to fax

The free fax to email and email to fax solution will not only help you to save on paper, it will also help your business to eliminate the costs involved in fax toner & ink.


Does Fax to Email still have a place in today’s digital age?

“Cloud” and “Mobility” must be two of the buzz words for our generation. Many companies are adopting the idea of a hot desk with shared service. One of the questions that coms up when evaluating services are: Is the fax still needed and where does it fit in?