Fax to Email: How efficient can your business be?

By: GR8 FAX  08-23-2013
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Fax to Email: How efficient can your business be? Businesses in all sectors of South Africa was forced to re-look and rethink the way they do business as a result of the current economic environment. If your business wasn’t cash positive things had to change and processes had to be updated and streamlined to be more efficient in the workplace. Getting your business to peak efficiency can be accomplished through a couple of things. Communication might not be your starting point but switching from an analogue land-line fax machine to an online fax service can make a bigger impact on your bottom-line than you think! Online fax to email services from GR8FAX gives your company a direct save on money & time and will also help your businesses to be more efficient by reducing the workload for employees and the direct cost related to an analogue fax solution. What can Fax to Email services do for you? Making the decision to get rid of the space wasting, corner standing, dust collecting, old fax machine and replacing it with an online fax to email solution will be your first step in being more efficient. Then when you start using the Fax to Email service you will immediately see the save you will have on paper and toner. You will also free up a telephone line that can be used for something ells or cancelled all together increasing your save even more. Putting the fax machine and the fax to email solution side by side you will realise that you have a zero cost of ownership on the fax to email service. All the fax to email solution requires is an active internet connection and an email client to deliver the faxed document. What this means is that you do not have to expand or change your infrastructure you can simply be more efficient with what you already have in place. Be efficient outside the office with Fax to Email. GR8Fax’s fax to email service allows you to always be in touch with your office, clients, customers and suppliers without being suck at your desk waiting for things to happen. Now you can be on the road generating new business while still handling everything ells. Gone are the days that you have to sit at your desk to wait for that important fax to close the deal. With fax to email your fax will find you and will enable you to send and receive faxes on the go. So when you stop for a quick coffee at M&B make use of their free Wi-Fi, access your emails and get that important fax out with fax to email. Be more efficient in your business! Register for Free fax to email today. Go to http://www.gr8fax.com/free-fax-to-email/ to register.

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Save time, money and resources with free fax to email and email to fax

The free fax to email and email to fax solution will not only help you to save on paper, it will also help your business to eliminate the costs involved in fax toner & ink.


Fax to Email - Send & Receive faxes Online or from your PC, Mac & Mobile device.

With GR8 Fax you get a cloud based fax service that allows you to receive faxes by email. Faxes are delivered to your email account as attachments free of charge. Fax in the Cloud. Let your faxes find you anywhere you have internet access.


Does Fax to Email still have a place in today’s digital age?

“Cloud” and “Mobility” must be two of the buzz words for our generation. Many companies are adopting the idea of a hot desk with shared service. One of the questions that coms up when evaluating services are: Is the fax still needed and where does it fit in?