Does Fax to Email still have a place in today’s digital age?

By: GR8 FAX  04-17-2013
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“Cloud” and “Mobility” must be two of the buzz words for our generation. Many companies are adopting the idea of a hot desk with shared service. One of the questions that coms up when evaluating services are: Is the fax still needed and where does it fit in? The answer to this question is a most definite “YES” for South Africa. All though the fax hardware might not fit in with the vision of mobile cloud services, the solution a fax document offers is long not dead in South Africa. Estate agencies, law firms and government departments still rely heavily on a physical fax. So if so many people still relies so heavily on the fax document what can be done to replace the bulky and costly hardware but still have the functionality of a fax service? The answer was to through away the fax hardware and move the fax service into the cloud, and so Fax to Email was born. Fax to Email is like a gift on Christmas. To start off with it is completely FREE, it makes use of you current infrastructure, it is not device specific, it is cloud based, secure and easy to use. No extra hardware and installation is required and support is available 24/7. Registered Fax to Email users can now receive faxes any time of the day, anywhere in the world directly in their email client. There is no limit on the amount of registered users for your company Get rid of that bulky fax machine – register for Free Fax to Email today. To register go to

Keywords: Cloud fax service, Email To Fax, Fax to email, Free fax to email,

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The free fax to email and email to fax solution will not only help you to save on paper, it will also help your business to eliminate the costs involved in fax toner & ink.


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With GR8 Fax you get a cloud based fax service that allows you to receive faxes by email. Faxes are delivered to your email account as attachments free of charge. Fax in the Cloud. Let your faxes find you anywhere you have internet access.