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By: GardenPride  01-31-2012
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GardenPride compost consists of organic decomposed manures, finely sifted and left to stand. Wood chips are added to aerate the compost. The advantages of applying organic compost to your garden includes: • provides the heart of the soil by ‘glueing’ the soil particles into stable porous structures • improving all mineral soils • Water Retention in the soil • providing and holding nutrients in an available form for your plants • supporting soil life: bacteria, fungi and worms Look after your soil and your soil will support healthy plants and be more productive. It also provides vital humus and nutrients to encourage plant growth. GardenPride delivers compost in the following volumes: • 1m³ • 1.5m³ • 2m³ • 3m³ • And multiples of 3m³ Please do not hesitate to contact GardenPride for any further information and/or to order Compost.

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