By: Finteq  11-11-2011
Keywords: archiving, Clearing House

Finteq prides itself on supplying powerful financial solutions through a modular,
easily-integrated product range.. Cheque it. Clear it. Pay it.

And also do so much more!


GCE is a Transaction and Payment engine. GCE is a robust system designed to take the complexity out of communications. The system caters for multiple communication protocols. It has easy to use interfaces and multiple input and ouput formats

A list of its functionality is as follows:
- Powerful Communications Functionality
- AXS Protocol
- Store forward
- Encryption
- Authentication
- Basic Scheduler
- Report Framework
- Powerful batching and formatting functionality
- From a single transaction create multiple feeds.


GPOD will process Deposits/Replacement vouchers and cheques for your institution. Financial transactions are generated to be sent to the back end systems and clearing house for "Off us" cheques.

Images are extracted to be sent to Image Archive. This process is a critical and integral part of a banks business. The advantages to the bank of creating operating efficiencies are as follows:
- Reduced Clearing Costs
- Reduced printing costs (Deposit Replacement Vouchers)
- Increased customer service (Deposit slips and cheques on Image Archive)
- Reduce capture
- Decreased heldover costs
- Reduced risk for both depositing customer and bank.
- Reduced queries in respect of adjustments

>GIA Image Archive imports up to 400 000 images in 2 hours depending on hardware. The largest implementation manages over 1 billion Images. Dependant on hardware, reponse times of less than 2 seconds can be achieved.
The archive allows you to search on any combination of the following fields:
- Account
- Amount
- Serial
- Type of Work
- Item Branch
- Presenting Branch
- Processing Site
The Archive includes hot swappable DRP and load-sharing
The system can utilise 2 or more instances of SQL>GCAPGeneric Capture and Archive integrates with Image Archive to give one archive solution for your cheque and other document archiving requirements. The system includes workflow, generic allocation of fields and capture screens.>GTELThe Teller module manages cash, and allows capture of deposits for immediate update of customer accounts. The branch becomes more empowered in the managing of cash in that balancing becomes much simpler and faster.
GCE used in conjunction with the teller system allows Store Forward and DRP should communication links be down.

Keywords: archiving, Clearing House

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Offers adequate management of risk through a single reporting view of all payment streams. New payment streams can be introduced seamlessly with very little effect on participants. Create required outputs for:- Core banking system- Clearing house gateway- Image archive. Capture of financial record and credit required account. Cheque, including image exchange for cheque truncation. Staff management and evaluation via reporting.