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By: Extreme Wellness & Soma Solutions  07-31-2013
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At Extreme Wellness & Soma Solutions, our objectiveis to create a health culture that embraces both personal and operationalwellness.  We strive to promote wellnessand disease prevention by being proactive, placing emphasis on preventative strategiesand dealing with identified problems and health needs of individuals.  We pay close attention to the needs of ourclients and will adhere to a strict code of professional and ethical conduct.We will provide companies with intervention strategies with the view to improvethe overall wellness of both the company and their employees.



Our vision is to facilitate wellness of the employee in the workplacewhich in turn will facilitate wellness on corporate level.  We strive to align our wellness program withinexisting company policies and procedures. We aim to contribute and improve theoverall wellness of employees and companies.



That participation in our Employee Wellness Program leadsto the following benefits:

·        Reduced health care cost to the company.

·        Reduced sick leave & absenteeism.

·        Increased productivity & Creativity.

·        Positive impact on securing and retention of human resources.

·        Improved quality of life.

·        The encouragement of own health awareness.

·        The promotion and awareness of quality of live, increased sense of physical,psychological, social and corporate well-being.

·        The development and improvement of employee loyalty.

·        The enhancement of moral obligation within the workplace.



Employee screening assessments andquestionnaires are utilised by Extreme Wellness & Soma Solutions in orderto perform the wellness assessment on each employee.  The findings are recorded on the Passport toWellness document which also includes recommendations and personalised notesfor further discussions.


Our employee wellness screening includes the following:

·        Measuringheight

·        Weighing

·        Measuring ofwaist circumference

·        Providing theBMI (Body Mass Index)

·        MeasuringBlood Pressure and Pulse

·        MeasuringGlucose Level

·        MeasuringCholesterol which encompasses of two options:

Option 1:

o   Ordinary Cholesterol screening which only measurescholesterol.

Option 2:

o   Full Lipid Screening which measures HDL (goodcholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol) and Triglycerides.


Return on investment:

·        The employee willreceive personalised feedback with regard to the wellness screening. Personalisedhealth education and recommendations will be provided accordingly. 

·        The employeewill receive a Passport to Wellness document that will include the results ofthe wellness screening. 

·        The employeewill be provided with personalised feedback and recommendations regarding theirweakest body system in order to facilitate emotional, physical andpsychological well-being.

·        Employees willbe provided with developed newsletters on staying healthy, accordingly.

·        Information is conveyed to the employees viapersonalised health education in order to enable and assist them to makeinformed choices, thus improving their quality of life. During the feedbackprocess values and attitudes of employees related to wellness is explored anddiscussed. The objective being to empower employees’ in such a manner that theytake ownership of their own lifestyle modification and behavior to move them closerto compliance.

·        Companymanagement will receive a detailed report with regard to the health andwellness status of the employees providing recommendations for wellness enhancementas well as intervention strategies that will ultimately contribute towardsimprovement of the overall wellness for both the Company and the employees.Please note that the management report will be an additional cost.


OurHealth Consultants

Our consultants involved in wellness screening are from diversebackgrounds, by means of their acquired qualifications and experience indifferent sectors locally.  Ourconsultants have been involved in wellness screening in well-known institutionsin Pretoria as well as their branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and PortElizabeth to assess the overall wellness of their employees.  We can render wellness assessments in all themajor centers in South Africa.

What makes us        Unique

Massage Therapy is a very effectiveway to alleviate work-related stress. Not only will massage therapy assist toreduce stress levels but will also lead to:

·        Improved circulation.

·        Lower blood Pressure.

·        Improve employee loyalty.

·        Increase productivity and creativity.

·        Decreased absenteeism.

·        Create a sense of physical and mental well- being.


At Extreme Wellness& Soma Solutions we bring well-being to your doorstep. Our massages aredesigned to relieve tension and create a sense of rejuvenation, relaxation andwell-being.  Corporate massage packages includes 10minute or 15 minute seated massages or alternatively 15-20minute or 20-30minute back, neck and shoulder massages or hand and foot massages using ourportable massage beds.  We could arrangetailor made packages to suit the requirements of your company as well as of theemployee.  We offer a wide range oftreatments and packages with the benefit of having these treatments done in thecomfort/luxury at your company or home.  Thesepackages are suitable for days such as conferences, golf days, team building,wellness days, year-end functions and could even be used as staff incentives

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We only the best equipment that has been FDA approved to ensure accurate results in our wellness screening. Extreme Wellness & Soma Solutions


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