By: ERA OF GRATENESS  03-27-2011
Keywords: liquor license consultant

(1) Accommodation and Hotel Liquor License (Hotel, Guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast )
(2) Bottle Store License.(Off Consumption)
(3) Tavern,Pub,Night Club,Sport Club and Theater liquor licenses.(On Consumption)
(5) Food, Restaurant & Coffee Shop License.
(6) Sorghum Beer License.
(7) Occasional License/Catering License
(8) Restaurant Liquor License
(9) Club Liquor License
(10) Distribution License.
(11) New Applications, Transfer, Conversion, Extending Hours of Operation, Change(s) Of Members, Manager(s) Appointment.
(12) Import-liquor License
(12) Structure Alteration,
(13) Zoning and Consent Use Letter From Municipal
(14) Tax Clearance Certificate
(15) Plan Drawing to Suite Board for License Approval.

Keywords: liquor license consultant