Architectural Feature Fast Garage Door

Architectural Feature Fast Garage Door from Efaflex SA

By: Efaflex SA  08-15-2012
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Efaflex Doors can also be used in up-market commercial and residential developments as an architectural feature door. The Efaflex SSN door is made for applications with limited space like car parks, storage or private garages. The Door is fast enough not to leave you waiting outside, will probably be open before you can put the remote down. A Standard size double garage door will be open in just over 1 second and that's a fact. This is one Fast Garage Door. Vision panels can be fitted to showcase what's parked inside or removed for a solid look. Excellent for security purposes as it also comes with a lock-down lever that cuts the power to the controls. These doors are made to withstand enormous stresses and can handle up to 250 000 cycles per year. A door for a life time and by far The Fastest Garage Door. The advanced technology on the control side allowed all this power and speed to be supplied form a normal plug socket. Single Phase 230v supply.

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Efaflex Clean Room Doors

The clean room doors of the CR series by EFAFLEX are perfectly designed to the requirements in controlled production zones. They guarantee the tightness of all accesses. The powerful high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges. Therefore, they can be easily cleaned and depositing of particles is largely excluded. The GMP-compatible door types of the CR series are mainly made of V2A


Efaflex High Speed Folding Door

Fast and robust Due to the horizontal folding movement of the high-speed folding doors, the full clearance height is immediately completely free. Doors of the F series open with high speeds and are extremely heavy-duty. They protect against noise and draft air, save energy and convince with good heat and sound insulating properties.

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The Fastest Door In The World EFAFLEX STR

The Fastest Door In The World by Efaflex SA with speeds of up to 4m/s. This is not even an Advanced Roller Shutter its the latest in Industrial Door Technology. Can be used as an interior door as well as an exterior door, it can handle wind up to class 4 and can be used as a door for pressure difference areas. It gets made to your specific needs and comes in various colours. Most common activators can be installed on the door. For example, push button, pull switch, handhold remote, induction

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Efaflex TK 100 High Speed Freezer Door

The first truly single door solution for Deep-Freeze areas that simultaneously reaches highest opening and closing speeds and the best insulation values for spiral doors. The EFAFLEX SST-TKĀ®-100 High-Speed Door is a high-quality solution for every deep-freeze room. Braves the frost Contact surface heaters are installed throughout the entire door, being integrated into the seals around it and into the contact bar strip. Thus heating the seals and door blade to prevent ice build-up on the door and

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Efaflex S Series High Speed Spiral Doors

Efaflex S-Series Efaflex High Speed Spiral Doors impress customers all over the world, for their outstanding quality, greatest safety and extreme durability. The S-Series provides a unique patented spiral design with excellent insulation and speed up to 4m/s in the EFA-STR models. The Fastest Door In The World. The patented spiral by Efaflex ensures fast operating speeds with hardly any wear. The spiral keeps the door laths apart in the rolled up / open position ensuring durability and longevity

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Efaflex Roll Up Doors

Efaflex R-Series. Generally well known in the Industrial High Speed Doors industry of South Africa is the High Speed Roll Up Door. This High Speed Door is made of a largely maintenance free modular construction, an elastic PVC / Canvas door curtain with solid and robust galvanised steel side guides. This door can also be equipped with an crash protection system that allows the door's bottom rail to dislocate in the event of a collision. Preventing excessive damage to the bottom rail and door cur