Lightweight steel frame facades

By: Ecoframe  08-05-2010
Keywords: Facades, Lightweight Steel

The lightweight steel frame comprises of a galvanised steel stud, channel and truss system which makes up the structural component of the building. The steel frame is then clad externally with a brick façade or an alternative specified finish. The type of cladding has no impact on the structural integrity of the house. The brick façade ensures that the house has the look and feel of a conventional house, and withstands any weather conditions.

The internal walls are clad with 15mm BPB Gypsum Rhinowall board or equivalent material. The BPB Gypsum Rhinowall is SABS approved and is used extensively in for internal cladding and partitioning in houses, hotels, offices etc. The board is non-combustible and has SABS Fire Rating approval.

In-between the outer façade and the internal cladding is a polyester or polystyrene insulation. This insulation is also used in the internal walls. The insulation is designed to provide a safe and efficient insulation for the homeowner. It effectively reduces energy costs to the homeowner by keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The insulation also serves as an acoustic insulation by absorbing the sound and preventing it from being transmitted from one room to another. The insulation is SABS approved and is non-combustible, and conforms to SABS Fire Rating.

The steel studs are easy to erect, not requiring skilled labour. On-site training is undertaken for unskilled labour. The frame is erected in 2 days (depending on the size of the house), and then the artisans can start with the brick laying and roof cladding simultaneously. This accelerates the building process, and ensures that the internal finishes can begin early in a dry encapsulated environment.

Keywords: Facades, Lightweight Steel