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By: dream2reality - Your OWN Bisiness  04-14-2013
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Home Page Pays 2.0 Business Branding Features

Home PagePays offerspeople and businesses a variety of ways to enhance their online presence with avariety of business/product branding features.


This abilityto build a community around you, your business, product or service is reallyamazing and delivers.

Imagine having your own version ofFacebook for example that was totally branded to you with some advertising ofother businesses in certain areas but for all intents and purposes this wouldbe your multi-featured website that people would love to come back to time andtime again.

And when they do come backto enjoy the online communication with their friends, or to play an online gameto learn more about computers, when their kids can come right to the site andaccess 2,200 videos on topics they maybe struggling with in school…

Well you have a winner!

Because the site would bebranded to you and your business.

Imagine ifpeople spent as much time on Home Page Pays as they doFacebook and the whole time they were chatting and sharing things with friendsyour business information was visible the whole time?

Or for instance if someonewanted to come to your site and watch the video player there with the somegreat videos, movies and other topics from YouTube for example and the wholetime they see your branding?

Now what if someone spentall that time doing these things and you got paid for it? Yes what if you gotpaid every time someone used Home Page Pays?


Not only that what if youhad your own section in this video area for your videos which you could load straightfrom your computer into the designated area that your visitors and memberswould see?

Imagine people being ableto bookmark their favorite sites so they could access them with one click andtake advantage of all the other sites and topics in our Top Sites area and whatif you had an area that you could input your sites that you would want them tosee as well that would be in a very prominent position?

So let’s look at thesebranding features in a little more detail.

1. Name InLights Feature:

For Paid members we get theability to create a 40 character line of text across the top of the Home PagePays website.

This is a good way to pointsomeone to a video, website or to other branding features where you can storevideos, websites with nice thumbnails etc. It looks really nice and can becustomized in several different ways.

2. FantasticVideo Feature:

This isreally playing on the power and popularity of video  understandsit so video will have a big place on Home Page Pays.

Experts say that by theyear 2015 90% of the internet will be video.

Well I don’t know aboutthat but I know it’s a great way to introduce people to a product, opportunityor you.


What  has done has added a video feature on Home Page Pays called theFantastic Video feature that will allow members to watch all kinds of videosmovies, educational all kinds of topics are available.

One of those topics will beMy Videos that is exclusively for the paid member to use.

You can upload your videosfrom your computer right in to Smart Media Technologies servers and whenever afree member wants to use the feature the first section they see will be thepaid members.

3. DynamicBar Branding:

Ok what is the Dynamic Barwell it’s the engine of Home Page Pays. It’s visible at the bottom of thewebsite and it doubles as a browser add on that can be installed in the userscurrent web browser.

Now what’s cool about itwhen someone installs the browser add on wherever they go online yourinformation will be visible the whole time.

So if it’s Facebook,checking their email, paying their bills your website and contact info arevisible and a click away with Home Page Pays.


4. Top SitesFeature:

This to me will be very keyin growing a free membership base because of the convenience. What we have hereis a collection of some of the best websites and topics online that can beaccessed with one click of a mouse.

And whatSmart Media Technologies has done with  is allow free membersand the paid member who’s network they are apart of set up “Top Sites” thatthey want access to and be able to click an icon and off they go to theirfavorite websites.

Now they will be able tochoose from the selection we have or add their own.

In this personal tab freemembers will be allowed up to 5 websites of their own in addition to all theother sites we have available in other tabs.

Also the paidor ultimate member will have a tab that he or she can set up so that alltheir free members will see withwebsites that they would want them to visit (as in the example above).

So if you have affiliatesites, opportunity sites, product sites whatever as a paid member will be ableto set up their own tab as well in a prominent place so the free member willsee it every time they use this feature.

5. SpecialWebsites Area:

A very nice feature. If youhave multiple websites on whatever offers, products or companies that youbelong to how about a great place to add and organize them.

Give them a nice thumbnail,description even categorize them if you like and now when your free member isbrowsing around Home Page Pays or surfing the internet with the Smart MediaDynamic bar this information will be there for them to see in one convenientplace.

Smart Media Technologieshas basically created a way to condense all your marketing as well and let yourcontent go wherever free members go online! Very powerful indeed.

6. SpecialVideos Area:

Now let’s take the sameconcept as we have with the Websites area but now we do this with video. Thisis really powerful you don’t even have to host the video to Youtube or someother video share site.

You can upload the videoright into Smart Media Technologies servers and add the description, customthumbnail or one generated from the video, categorize etc.

This is another greatbranding feature created by Smart Media Technologies.

As matter offact here is one of two videos I made on Branding Features:

Video #2about branding features:

Well I hope this has beeneducational and I hope that it helps you make a decision if Smart MediaTechnologies with Home Page Pays help brand your business.



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