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By: dream2reality - Your OWN Bisiness  04-12-2013
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Get paid to be on the internet!! Become a free member: It costs you nothing and you get an abundance of valuable resources.

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What you Get:

  • Set Home Page Pays as your default homepage or log in daily as you would do in any social website.
  • Free Members earn 25 Smart Point rewards for any free member that joins on their personal free member link!!
  • Free members can easily upgrade to become paid members of Smart Media’s Home Page Pays social site.
  • Dynamic Bar – Easy access to Home Page Pays portal additions, your smart points and more!
  • FULL Smart Library – over 300 Exclusive Computer and Internet training videos including our new “How To” series.
  • My University – over 2,200 Training Videos from Grade School through College, including our new Stanford and Yale University series.
  • Entertainment section and Action games – Sports Games – Educational games.
  • Free software section.
  • International Bargain Shopping Finder
  • Home Page Pays works on any PC and Macintosh computer.
  • Can be used with any web browser.
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Smart Point Store Where The Products Are FREE!

  • As you know our store has only free products! You only need Smart Points to buy products you love. Smart Points you are rewarded for free! Smart points from the instant prize box, referring other free members and coming soon while you surf the net inside HPP, using any HPP feature, bonus smart point giveaways and playing Smart Media interactive games.

Social Networking In HPP

  • Smart Chat – your instant messaging. Create a personal profile & arrange your message settings how you like complete with sound notifications. You will be able to add new friends and family members then arrange them into groups.
  • Smart Mail – better than your average email setup plus will be 100% guaranteed delivery.  Able to mail one person or several, mail out to one group or more and even send to your entire friend list in on hit!
  • Your Friends – find all your friends no matter where they live. Personalize member profile – view your friends, your photos and the prizes you win.
  • Smart Chirp – Share your thoughts what’s happening in you life for the day!
  • Create your own Avatar

Smart Media Home Page Pays Version 2.0 Interactive Games

  • These games will being with the Bronze Age in which you will play or can play games against a computer system with the chance to win prizes!!
  • At this stage around 15 games will be released within the Bronze Age and new ones included later on.
  • Silver Age – Awesome social interactive games. Jump into the Silver Age and play games against other Home Page Pays members. Become a top scorer for a chance to win more prizes. Newly developed  games will be added on a ongoing basis..

Favorite Video / Video Sharing System is also coming more information on this area will be released very soon.

This is a social portal full of fun, excitement and interaction!! Features currently available to members will still be there in version 2.0 of Home Page Pays. Each new version simply has more features and benefits added for all members both free and paid.

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Coming Soon To Home Page Pays social community version 2:

  • Social networking communication system.
  • New design layout
  • Smart Mail better than email and no spam!
  • Real Time Chat Messaging.
  • Video Messaging
  • Status updates
  • Global Friend Finder
  • Free Members earning 10% of the advertising revenue paid out in Smart Points.
  • “Suggest a Site” and “Rate a Site” features.
  • Bigger prize draws including Holidays, Cash & Sweepstakes!
  • Smart Point Shop – spend your smart points on products we all love – Worlds first store where everything is free!!
  • Avatar and Virtual home. Personal profile, share your pictures, prize trophies and more!
  • Smart Media Gaming Ages full of prize giveaways!
  • Free members are rewarded Smart Points and gain free Prize Draw entries.
  • Free members will be earning 10% of the advertising revenue from our PPC & PPI income stream paid to  in Smart Points (when it is released for free members)
  • Free members can upgrade to become a business builder & earn from Smart Media’s high paying Compensation plan plus earn from THEIR OWN free members when they purchase virtual goods through Home Page Pays.

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