Tri-Vortex™ South Africa - New Advanced Technology for your OEM products

By: DiaMatrix  11-11-2011

These Tri-Vortex™ treated products have given the respective companies a definite edge versus their competition, who may have similar products in the marketplace.

Should the company's Tri-Vortex™ treated products not create a conflict of interest in the marketplace, we shall consider treating products for other companies if the following criteria are met:•  The products are as natural as possible.
•  The products are bio-friendly.
•  The products are environmentally friendly and responsible.
•  The Tri-Vortex™ treated items carry our Tri-Vortex Butterfly Logo.
•  A binding distribution agreement is entered into with Tri-Vortex.We have typically treated products in the following categories :
•  Creams for Relief of pain
•  A range of Water-based gels for pain relief
•  Cosmetics
•  Corporate Gifts
•  Jewellery
•  100% Silk items – pillows and shawls
•  Remedies – natural and herbal based
•  Water treatment productsAs an example of the products we have treated, refer pictures below ..

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Tri-Vortex™ South Africa - State of the Art Technology Products for Animal Husbandry, Natural Pain Relief and Healthcare, Improvement of Drinking Wate

This natural process enhances ordinary materials to induce organised molecular structure in organic matter – such as water and living tissue.The major areas of application for the technology and these products are:1. Tri-Vortex™ Treated – these products are treated with an advanced and safe acoustic process. Animal health, pain relief and vitality.6.