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By: Delmike Products  11-11-2011
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Blanket and roller wash solvents

Under licence agreement with UK-based Hydro Dynamic Products, Delmike manufactures to stringent specifications, Fogra-approved solvents certified acceptable by Heidelberg, Man Roland, KBA, Bauer Planeta on their range of presses.

Each formulation complies with health and safety guidelines for flammability and environmental considerations as well as corrosion inhibitors demanded by the manufactures. It is highly effective when used on automatic or manual systems. All products in the Appro HMK range are suitable for use with.

  • Automatic blanket wash device
  • Ink unit wash-up device
  • Impression cylinder wash-up device
  • Hand washing on press

Washes include:

  • Appro HMK 1 – Flash Point = 64 deg C
  • Appro HMK 2 – Flash Point > 70 deg C
  • Appro HMK 4 – Flash Point > 70 deg C


Delmike has a wide range of wash-up solvents available to satisfy the diverse requirements of the printing industry, varying in drying speed, strength, flammability and solvent selection.

  • ROLLER AND BLANKET WASHES: A range of solvents recommended for washing of ink rollers and blankets. Leaves no undesired residues.
    Types include Std, Plus, Fast, Strong and Low Odour.
  • LITHOWASHES: A range of emulsifiable solvents recommended for rollers and blankets. Start-up waste is reduced.
    Types include Lithowash Std, Plus and "V".

Our range also includes UV Wash, Automatic Wash Std, Automatic Wash Low Flam, and Aqueous wash.


  • MASTER SPRAY POWDER: Our line of anti set-off powders perform exceptionally well in electronic units and air guns and can be over-printed, over-varnished and do not affect the printing plate or associated machinery. Our powders are safe for use in food packaging. Master Spray Powder is supplied in a 1kg bag with re-sealable spout, making it easy to pour the powder and ensuring moisture proof storage thereby reducing waste.
    Packaging – 1kg re-sealable container.    
Fountain Concentrates

There's a Delmike solution in our fountain range to suit all applications. Web or sheetfed, standard litho or synflow, alcohol dampening or conventional, from the oldest to the latest hi-tech litho machines, Delmike has the solution.


This consists of strongly buffered fountain concentrates which when added to water (2% to 3%) will reduce the surface tension of the dampening solution and allow for lower damper settings.

  • SUPERWET BLUE +5: Approved by press manufacturers K.B.A. For use on newspaper web and spray nozzle dampening systems. Contains preservatives to prevent formation of microorganisms and fungi in the water systems.
    Dosage 1,5 to 2%. pH 4,5 to 5.
  • SUPERWET GREEN: For sheet-fed commercial offset presses. Contains a high percentage of gum acacia to prevent plate oxidation.
    Dosage 2%. pH 4,8 to 5,2.   
Fountain Solutions


Under licence agreement with UK-based Hydro Dynamic Products, Delmike manufactures to stringent specifications, HMK-approved Alcoplus Fountain Solution.

Alcoplus is a complete alcohol replacement fountain solution combining the most efficient wetting agents with the latest corrosion inhibitors. Alcoplus is suitable for sheet-fed and web presses with any type of dampening systems. No VOC's pH 4,7 – 5.5.

Each formulation complies with environmental considerations as well as the corrosion inhibitors demanded by the manufactures.


These are mildly buffered which allows regulation of fount pH to individual requirements. (H) for hard water, and (S) for soft water.

  • KONTROL 90 RED: Contains alcohol miscible gum for all conventional and high speed alcohol dampening systems.
    Dosage 1 to 2%. pH 4,5 to 5.
  • KONTROL 90 BLUE: Gum free concentrate for high speed alcohol systems and UV ink printing.
    Dosage 1 to 2% pH 4,5 to 5.
  • G.A.D. (Graphic Arts Detergent): Low foam. An ideal multi-purpose fountain solution where conventional, alcohol dampening or synflow systems are used and one common working fountain solution is desired.
    Dosage 1,5 to 2% pH 4,5 to 5.
  • PACKAGING: 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre plastic containers/flow bins.
  • BUBBLE CRUSH: Small additions to the fountain solution reduces any foaming tendency.
    Packaging: 500ml, 1 litre plastic containers.    
Fountain Alcohols
  • I.P.A. (Isopropyl Alcohol): Delmike supplies the purest, highest grade lithographic alcohol for the use in alcohol dampening systems.
  • N.P.A. (Normal Printers Alcohol): A local alternative to the imported I.P.A.
Deletion gel for negative and positive plates Plate cleaners and scratch and scum removers

Delmike offers Acid and Alkali plate cleaners varying in abrasive qualities from mild to fairly abrasive, and also washup gum emulsions for all plate brands.

  • PEAK BLUE: pH 3,5. Mildly abrasive. Deals effectively with scratches, plate oxidation, scumming, dried ink and hardened plate gum. Has a desensitizing effect in the non-image area. Keeps the image area in an ink receptive condition. Suits all plate types.
  • REGMAKER: pH 9,0. Deals effectively with scratches, plate oxidation, scumming, dried ink and hardened plate gum. Mildly abrasive. Recommended mainly for positive plates and other type solvent developed negative plates.
  • SWIFT: pH 4,5. Basic effective plate cleaner for general use. For the budget conscious.
  • SUPERIOR: pH 9,0. Deals effectively with scratches, plate oxidation, scumming, dried ink and hardened plate gum. Non-abrasive. For use on positive plates where image is prone to destruct easily.
  • SPIC: pH 1-2. Has a strong scouring action. Removes dried ink, scumming, oxidation and deep scratches. Desensitizing effect in the non-image area. Keeps the image area in an ink-receptive condition.
  • UV PLATE CLEANER: pH 4.5. Used when cleaning UV ink off baked plates. Has a desensitizing effect and will keep the image area ink receptive.
Ink roller cleaners and conditioners

Delmike manufactures an extensive range of ink roller conditioners and cleaners to accommodate various printing requirements.

  • ROLLCURE PASTE: Rollcure paste is a special cleaning paste for the conditioning of ink rollers. Also recommended when changing from dark to light colours.
    Packaging: 1kg bucket.
  • STRIPCURE: Applied to rollers after washing with Rollcure Paste to eliminate ink stripping.
    Packaging: 1 litre and 5 litre plastic containers.
  • SUPER SOLEX SOLVENT: Solex is used to wash rollers when a quick change-over from dark to light colours is required.
    Packaging: 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre and 200 litre plastic/metal containers.
  • RED, WHITE AND BLUE WASH-UP: A 3-component wash-up is used when a quick changeover from dark to light colours is required.
    Packaging: 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre plastic containers.
  • START UP SOLVENT: Is sprayed onto blankets and/or rollers before starting up press, preventing ink from tacking up and sheets from sticking to blankets and rollers.
    Packaging; 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre plastic containers.
  • LubeClean: Lubricates as it cleans. A new paste that prevents friction burn-up of ink rollers when running without ink. LubeClean gently deep cleans and rejuvenates rubber rollers. LubeClean is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-caustic.
    Packaging: 1kg buckets.    
Protective and desensitising gums

Manufactured from pure gum arabic or non blinding resins, acidified and synthetic gums comprise the comprehensive range of press-room and litho making gums. All gums contain preservatives which ensure a long shelf life.

  • ACE GUM: A non-blinding plate protective gum. Suitable for short and long term storage. Re-dissolves easily. Suitable on all types of plates. Suitable for hand or machine applications.
  • EconoGum: An economically priced non blinding plate protective gum, for the budget conscious. Suitable for short and long term storage. Re-dissolves easily. Suitable on all types of plate.
  • COMPLETE GUM: A dual-purpose gum combining the functions of a plate cleaner with those of a gum. Used to clean and also as a stopover gum. pH 3.0.
Damper washes

The Delmike specialist Damper Clean range is specially formulated to prevent rubber swelling or the troublesome accumulation of residue in the damper cloth, which can lead to possible stripping or scumming.

  • RAPID DAMPERCLEAN: A specialist damperwash which cleans dampers quickly and thoroughly. Dissolves old ink deposits. Can be diluted 1 to 4 with water.
  • RUBBERIGHT DAMPERWHITE: (Recommended by local rubber roller makers). Will clean very dirty dampers. Rubber safe. Use as is.
  • SUPERSOL: Cost effective. A basic but effective damperwash which can be diluted with up to 15 parts water, depending on the dampercover condition. For the budget conscious.
Blanket rejuvenators

Delmike has a wide range of blanket rejuvenators available to satisfy the diverse requirements of the printing industry, varying in speed, strength and solvent selection. Our rejuvenators will restore glazed blankets to a smooth velvet finish, simultaneously raising low spots.

  • SOLEX SOLVENT: Solex is a water miscible multi-purpose solvent with a powerful cleaning action.
  • BITE REJUVENATOR: Bite is a high strength specialised blanket rejuvenator.
  • BARD - BLANKET AND ROLLER DEGLAZER: Bard is a low residue, powerful quick drying rejuvenator and roller cleaner/deglazer.
  • FLASH REVIVOR: (Non-flammable). A non-residue fast drying powerful blanket cleaner and rejuvenator. Recommended for small offset operations.

Packaging: 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre and 200 litre plastic/metal containers.

  • BUMP BLANKET FIX: BUMP is a fast sure way of repairing low spots and surface smashes in blankets. Saves down time as the printer can immediately recommence printing after application.
Handcleaners and barrier creams

Happy Hands, Twin C and Ace Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners are well-known brands to those who wash off ink and grease. Contain ingredients to combat dry skin and dermatitis. Will not cause drain blockage.

  • HAPPY HANDS: Contains emulsifiable abrasives to assist the easy removal of stubborn or embedded dirt, grease, oil or ink. Economically priced.
  • TWIN C: Cosmetic quality, smooth white handcleaning gel. Removes dirt, oil, grease and ink from hands easily, leaving hands feeling smooth and soft.
  • ACE HEAVY DUTY: Rugged abrasive handcleaner for very dirty and stained hands.
  • EZEE-OFF: A basic but effective hand cleaner for the budget conscious.
  • SOL BARRIER CREAM: Forms a protective coating on the skin to protect against strong solvents that may irritate skin.
  • SKINSTOPPER: An effective aid against the undesirable drying and skinning of inks in tins or ducts. Also used as an anti-tac spray.
  • STATSTOPPER: Neutralises the build-up of static electricity.
  • SILICOAT SPRAY: (Anti-friction). Enables frictionless production by promoting a slide and glide effect when sprayed on guillotine beds, folding and collating machines etc. Combats glue build-up on blades when cutting adhesive back substrates.
   AGFA   TrojanPlus pre-sensitized offset plates

The highest technology is the one single common denominator in the manufacturing process of TrojanPlus Plates. 99,5% pure aluminium coils are processed and transformed on totally automatic robotized production lines.

A sophisticated laser control system detects variations in the photosensitive layer. Every production characteristic is captured on the reverse of each plate and an automatic packaging line avoids any damage due to handling.

DELSTAR laser film

Using a laser printer, prints directly on to our Delstar Laser Film and immediately benefit from direct to plate exposure. No chemical process is involved.

Damper coversBlankets


PHOENIX: The Multiple Sappi Printer of the Year Gold Award Winning Blanket. Delmike is proud to associate itself with Phoenix XtraPrint, one of the world's leading manufacturers of offset blankets.

Manufactured with the latest cutting-edge German technology conforming to and in most cases exceeding the stringent European DIN standards, the Phoenix range includes compressible and conventional blankets catering for all forms of printing methods.


KINYOSHA: Delmike is proud to associate itself with Kinyosha Japan, the world's foremost supplier of continuous printing adhesive back blankets. The blankets are easy to handle, leave no residue on the cylinder and do not tear when removed.

The carcass contains a durable, highly compressible layer, provides excellent ink transfer and dot gain is reduced to a minimum.

Types include:

Automatic wash-up fabric

Delmike imports directly from Europe a specially formulated non-woven, lint resistant fabric for automated blanket cleaning systems.

The product has excellent resistance properties and cleaning power, resulting in the consumption of less chemical cleaning product. Various widths are available to suit various machines in either bulk 500mt rolls or 5mt to 8mt rolls.

The Kimosetter 410

The Kimosetter 410 now available from Delmike Products is a Computer to Plate Process Free System designed especially for Small Offset Printers. Our new CTP solution / plate setter is well positioned for small offset printers with jobs such as

  • Single and spot colour work
  • Letter heads
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Forms

Make Your Plates Environment Friendly

The Kimosetter 410 is a highly competitively priced desktop CTP solution, making CTP easily obtainable to small offset printers who initially could not afford the capital outlay. The plates with a size up to 410mm x 510mm, imaged with a thermal transfer system are toner and chemical free. Easily exchangeable ink ribbons are used and ensure simple operation. The CTP system is supplied in a bundle with PostScript 3 RIP for PC and for Macintosh. Developed for single and spot colour work, the Kimosetter 410 is the ideal choice for small offset printers and copy shops. It is most suitable for text, high density solids and clean halftones.

The Kimosetter 410 works together with the Kimoplate e2, an environmental friendly and chemistry free polyester plate. Neither etching nor post fusing is required. Due to the stability of this 0.125 mm thick polyester plate, accurate image size and good registration can be achieved. The Kimoplate e2 is compatible with most fountain solutions and printing inks.

Delmike sundries

Delmike continues to make every effort to source locally and internationally the many different products required by the printing industry.

We keep abreast with the latest developments, and endeavour to obtain products of the highest quality, associating only with well established brand names.

Delmike Products, PO Box 72219, Parkview 2122, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Delmike Products has added a competitive string to its bow, concluding a technology transfer agreement with Hydro-Dynamic Products of the UK to manufacture a range of products including an alcohol-free fountain solution. The Kimosetter 410, a compact process less plate setter, used with the non sensitised Kimoplate e2, is the affordable repro solution for smaller format printing machines and quick print shops.