Parental Guidance

By: Counselling Psychologist Kim van Zeeventer  04-10-2011
Keywords: Stress, Family Counselling, Marriage Counseling

 One of the most difficult tasks facing people is that of parenting. Children enrich our lives, bringing so much joy and fulfillment yet often parents go through heart-ache, finding parenthood a battle which encompasses many negative emotions such as feelings of inadequacy, guilt, anger, depression, despair, frustration, and even devastating doubt as to whether or not they do love their children. Discipline, finances, personalities, illness, single parenting, work, etc. can seem like overwhelming obstacles in the path of parenthood. Divorce is another huge factor that may complicate parenting. We do live in a world that adds stressors to parenting and healthy family functioning. Children are bombarded by the media, fast paced technological developments, educational demands, and peer pressure. It is easy to underestimate the effect of all these different stressors on parents and children. There are many parents in need of guidance, reassurance, and emotional support. When the parents are in distress the children will also be affected. Needing help does not mean that you have failed as a parent. Acknowledging your need for help signifies you are committed to your children, that you want the best possible for them. There is no greater gift for your child than a parent who is able to love unconditionally, and to maintain healthy parenting skills and family boundaries. Both parents and children have needs and a lack of these needs being met is often the cause of dysfunction or unhappy family relationships. Don’t waste time hoping that things will get better! Regret is another evil that sucks away at your abiity to live life fully.

Keywords: Family Counselling, Marriage Counseling, Stress

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