Global workspace solution; multiple languages, time zones & countries

By: Condeco  11-11-2011
Keywords: Real Estate, Meeting Rooms

One single application for multiple countries, time zones and languages.

Condeco provides a global platform from which clients can manage their real estate across multiple countries and locations. Should you have 800 meeting rooms in New York, 200 in London and 20 in Singapore, it is the same centralised application that manages all of these rooms with different time zones and multiple languages.

Multilingual capabilities

We believe our web-based solutions should embrace all aspects of a business; from  end-users to key administrators across all sites and countries. Condeco is currently available in up to eight languages in order to deliver optimal user experience, and we are continuingly adding new languages to the Condeco portfolio. The current eight languages are: UK English, US English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Multi-time zones

Condeco works across multiple time zones and enables users to always book in the ‘local’ time to their location and to make cross time zone bookings for resources such as video conferencing.

A scalable solution

The Condeco software application is fully web-based (hosted either by client or Condeco) and can accessed by all users without the need to deploy additional software to their desktops.

In addition to this, Condeco always meets the growing needs of the client as the solution allows them to easily add new locations across multiple countries without the need to reinstall or upgrade the software.

Our experience across the globe

Condeco has a wealth of experience in deploying global solutions and working on projects, which require attention to detail across numerous countries and locations.

Through working on these projects in last 10 years, we have encountered many concerns from our clients - from technical and commercial matters to the day-to-day project management. We consistently overcome these concerns to deliver a solution that meets individual client needs by working as part of the client team and understanding all aspects of the global project.

Global support

Condeco provides 24/7 global support. Through our local offices in the UK, North America and The Netherlands as well as our partner sites across the Middle East, South Africa and Europe, our clients can rest assured that they will receive a high standard of support without being routed to a centralised call centre.

Keywords: Meeting Rooms, Real Estate

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