By: Columinate  11-11-2011

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Website Satisfaction Research | SITEisfaction
Whether you are an e-commerce client, a large corporate or an SME - the satisfaction of your website’s visitors has never been as paramount as now. Their experience on your website can significantly add or detract from their perceptions of your overall brand. After reviewing both local and international academic literature and case studies, Columinate has devised a website satisfaction model that accounts for over 80% of the variance in the overall satisfaction score. The model is called SITEisfaction. In essence, SITEisfaction is the only survey that can be deployed to the Columinate panel should you wish to get a general consumer view of your site, or, alternatively, it can be deployed to your customer database to get an idea of how your existing clients view your website. Amongst other things, SITEisfaction informs you of:
  • What website changes would enhance your visitors' level of satisfaction
  • Which aspects of the site are most important for driving customer satisfaction
  • The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your visitors' experience
  • Which visitor segments are most/least satisfied and why
  • What drives loyalty and revisits to the site
  • What proportion of visitors are loyal to the site
  • How your site impacts the market’s perceptions of your brand
  • Which, when and why visitors are coming to your site
  • How easily visitors can find the specific pages or sections they are looking for
  • Suggestions for improving the site in the visitors’ own words
The process is extremely flexible and can be administered in a number of ways to ensure that you get optimal results. The Columinate team handles everything from start to finish, integrating research and IT. We will design the questionnaire to include any additional objectives you might have over and above the SITEisfaction measure, and provide you with a detailed report on how your website is performing. SITEisfaction can also be tracked over time to see whether your interventions enhance and improve visitors’ experiences. to contact us for more information regarding SITEisfaction, and how we can assist in gaining deeper insight into your website visitors’ experience of your site.