Cherub Connection SA

By: Cherub Connection  11-11-2011

  • Safe off street parking
  • Arrange car hire
  • Confirmation of flights and bassinets for babies
  • Free Broadband Internet Access from central point
  • Telephone in every room
  • Television in every room
  • DVD player/video player from central point
  • Fax
  • Copier
  • Swimming Pool, secured with a safety net
  • Trampoline
  • Play area
  • Jungle Gym (Climbing Frame)
  • Well-stocked soft drinks fridge
  • Laundry service

       Airport Transfers

We will arrange safe, reliable, comfortable cabs to meet you at the airport.

       Guided Tours

Johannesburg and Soweto. This trip will give you an idea of the history of our city and show you the diversity of township life. You will have the opportunity to eat in a traditional restaurant.

The duration of the trips is under your control. When you, or your children, have had enough, ask the driver to bring you home.

The cost of the guided trips will be included in your bill at the end of your stay.

       Other Trips

We will also arrange safe, reliable, comfortable cabs to take you to places like:

Your security and safety is of paramount importance to us, therefore the house is surrounded by an electric fence and each room has a panic button to summon our private security company if the need arises.

We have three comfortable en-suite family rooms, each equipped with:

For the comfort of your infant each room has the use of:

We have a "Magic Cupboard" that holds a small stock of baby supplies like nappies (diapers), formula, bottled baby food, wipes and nappy rash cream. These items are available to purchase.

Infants often use far more clothes than parents plan for .. so to tide you over in emergencies we have a selection of baby clothes in various sizes that you may borrow.

Our play area has a trampoline, climbing frame with slide, sand box and a selection of toys. We also have a small library of children's books and a small selection of card and board games.


We offer breakfast (included in daily rate), lunch and dinner. All meals are served family style in the dining room or on the patio. We do not have set meal times but arrange meals around your schedule.

We prepare each meal from the freshest, seasonal ingredients available according to your likes and dislikes. As such we do not have a set menu but discuss each meal’s menu with you beforehand.

For infants on solid food we prepare home-made purees of fruit or meat and vegetables as required. All home-made infant food is salt and preservative free.

  • Eastgate Shopping Centre
  • Park Meadows Shopping Centre
  • Bedford Shopping Centre
  • Fleamarket World
  • Gillooly’s Farm
  • Rhodes Park
  • Bedford Gardens Hospital
  • Linksfield Hospital
  • Driving Range
  • Huddle Park Golf Course
  • Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Course

Adults: R525.00 per person per day
Babies under 3 years sharing with parents: free
Children over 3 sharing with parents: 50% of normal rate

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards.

Please contact us for our policy regarding deposits and cancellations.

South Africa is a hot country so our homes are designed to catch every breeze possible. This is wonderful in summer. We do not enjoy double glazing, central heating and the same level of insulation as you do so our homes can be a lot colder during winter than you expect.

Winter in Johannesburg is VERY dry and while the temperatures do not get lower than about -1 degree at nights and go up to between 14 degrees and 23 degrees during the day, wearing a sweater inside is usual.

Summer is our rainy season and there is nothing quite so spectacular (or loud) as a summer thunderstorm. But our sun is strong and dangerous and we suggest you bring a sunscreen of at least factor 20 with you. Hats and sunglasses are essential when you are outside. During summer, Temperatures during the day range from about 22 degrees to 32 degrees. The temperatures drop at night to around 10 to 15 degrees. You may need a light sweater in the evening.

Most stores accept Mastercard and Visa. If you would prefer to use cash, our currency is the South African Rand. Stores do not accept any other currency so if you bring euro or dollars with you, you will have to exchange them. There are numerous foreign exchange agencies at Eastgate Shopping Mall and the Airport.

RSA does not currently have legislation that requires the use of a car seat for babies and children although the Road Safety Council strongly recommends the use thereof.