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By: Cellsmart  11-11-2011
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One of the simplest interactive mobile marketing campaigns and enables any promotion with a Txt2Win element. These campaigns allow you to drive users to SMS in the answer to a question to a shortcode whilst offering instant gratification prizes such as airtime and mobile vouchers or the chance to be drawn as a winner!

This is an excellent way in which to build up a mobile database from which future marketing campaigns can be launched.

Adding a mobile call to action to your traditional media creates a platform for opt-in communication from your target market and adds the element of interactivity.

This presents you with the opportunity to increase your customer base and communicate with them regarding information that they have specifically requested.

Point of Purchase promotions allows you communicate with your consumers while they are making the purchase � an important moment for brands in terms of acquiring customers and building loyalty.

Shelf materials, print ads, posters, shelf talkers and LCD screens offers consumers the ability to connect with the brand by allowing them to interact with the promotional materials.

�SMS in your till slip number and receive a mobile voucher for 20% off your next purchase!" Alternatively utilise a more exciting mobile tool such as MMS �MMS a pic of you next to the ad and you could be winner�

Including a mobile element on the package of consumer products is a simple yet effective means to drive sales and prompt customer engagement through offering rewards and incentives.

The on pack direct response campaign allows consumers to enter a competition, receive mobile content, connect to a WAP site or download a mobile application with very little effort and confusion.

�A consumer might be prompted to visit a WAP site, fill in the unique code on their packaging and receive free mobile content or a mobile content� Alternatively encourages consumers to take a pic of the barcode or particular image and MMS in the image. Once it has been verified connects them to a WAP site which offers great downloads and incentives.

Communicate important information in response to enquiries through a myriad of platforms such as SMS, MMS, WAP and OGVM (Outgoing Voice Message) These mobile platforms allow for any number of different mechanisms to be utilised to convey instructions, details, graphical maps or audio messages.

Examples include:

An IVR line can be utilised to educate consumers with regards to a campaign�s terms and conditions, entry mechanics and general campaign details.

A WAP site could be developed to facilitate a concert�s marketing collateral as well as make downloadable content available: �Browse to and view an online map!�

Keywords: Marketing Campaigns, MMS, mobile marketing, Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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South Africa SMS, MMS, WAP, Wap push, Shortcodes, Mobile CMS :: Cellsmart :: - products

MMS Offers 4500 text characters, Multiple pictures, Voice recordings and animations, Sound effects and Video recordings - enabling your brand to create rich user experiences. CellSmart's multimedia messaging product offers a cost-effective approach towards quickly and easily implementing and deploying mobile MMS campaigns.


South Africa SMS, MMS, WAP, Wap push, Shortcodes, Mobile CMS :: Cellsmart ::

Developing a mobile strategy takes an in depth understanding of marketing, an expert understanding of mobile technology, and being able to creatively put these together to deliver impactful campaigns designed to attract and engage your specific target market.


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The strategies employed to manage and generate or communicate with one, means that the data used for mobile messaging such as SMS & MMS will need to be accurate, regularly updated, and routinely maintained; whether generated internally by CellSmart, supplied to us by our clients, or collected via marketing surveys and promotional activities.


South Africa SMS, MMS, WAP, Wap push, Shortcodes, Mobile CMS :: Cellsmart :: - igmm

Once a customer has opted in to receive communications the mobile number of the customer is recorded and alerts such as notices, service reminders, news and appointments can be sent to the customer. Allow customers to subscribe on your web or WAP site to become a member of a club, with access to special offers and deals sent directly to their cell phones via SMS on a regular basis.


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To this end offering consumers a reward will ensure that they communicate this to others which allows you to extend your brands presence and increase awareness.A simple way to build your brand is to offer branded mobile content: Wallpapers, ringtones, videos etc as an incentive or reward to your consumers. Viral communication is one of the easiest ways of extending the reach of your campaign.