Scotsman ACM Range Is the Smart Choice for Ice

Scotsman ACM Range Is the Smart Choice for Ice from CaterWeb - Suppliers of Catering Equipment

By: CaterWeb - Suppliers of Catering Equipment  03-11-2015
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The summer months mean that more people are opting for cooler drinks such as cocktails and cool drinks. Restaurants and bars have to keep up with the demand or else the customer will simply go to the next one and never look back. Finding a good ice machine can be a daunting task with all the options out there but if you want a hard working ice machine, then the Scotsman ACM range is the smart choice. Why, then, is the Scotsman ACM range the smart choice? Scotsman manufactures unrivalled range of commercial ice machines that have been in the hospitality industry for many years and the brand is synonymous with excellent quality, consistency, and top performance. Scotsman does not compromise on quality and thus has gained world-wide recognition as the frontrunner in commercial ice machines. They are unsurpassed when it comes to their reliability and output speed. Scotsman ice makers have a patented anti-scale system and an antibacterial pouch mounted in the storage bin. They are also manufactured with Grade 304 stainless steel which is more hygienic and most importantly resistant to corrosion. Hygiene is a top priory for Scotsman because they understand that every ice cubes final destination is to the consumer. This range is easy to operate and the ice machine is basically self-sufficient to the point that it alerts you when a maintenance check is due. Imagine that, an ice machine that keeps track on your behalf when the next service is due. Here is glimpse of some of the ice machines in the Scotsman ACM Self-Contained range. The Scotsman ACM 46 is a compact unit that easily fits under a kitchen counter or bar weighing only 35kg. However, it produces 24kg of ice within a 24 hour period and it can store up to 9kg of ice. This ice maker is ideal for a small bar or deli but is usually more popular with the private consumer opposed to a business. South African people are very hospitable and family and friends gatherings are part of their DNA. There is nothing better than to have ample ice available to cool your guests down from the unbearable heat. The Scotsman ACM126 is a larger unit at 680mm x 600mm x 930/1050mm. It produces 71kg of ice within a 24 hour period and it has a 34kg storage capacity. This unit is ideal for restaurant bars where drinks are not the main item on the menu. The Scotsman Gourmet Cube or the ACM206 is a much larger unit which produces a whopping 130kg of ice over a 24 hour period. Plus, it has a 50kg storage bin capacity. This unit is ideal for pubs, bars and night clubs bars where drinks are the main items served and ice is on demand at all times. The Scotsman ACM range of ice machines is suited for all types of bars and restaurants, whether large or small. You are able to choose from a variety of options based on the output amount and size that will best suit your establishment. This catering equipment is stylish, innovative and will allow you to maintain a hygienic area and conform to food safety standards. Invest in a Scotsman and feel the difference. Article Source:

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