By: Casa Da Capoeira South Africa  11-30-2009
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Capoeira is a Brazilian form of Martial Arts.  It is fun, it is attractive.  It is extreme fitness. It is believed to have been developed in Africa but improved in Brazil through a culmination of cultures during the early slavery period. This fighting style is hidden behind music, movement and acrobatics with the majority of the offence being leg strikes.  Together with defence by evasion and movement, you can expect to take your body to new levels of exercise.  It is a sport that relies on quick reflexes and is characterised by kicks, escapes, acrobatics (both aerial and floor) and trickery.  Played to the sound of the berimbau (stringed instrument), drum, tambourine and singing, it is almost hypnotic to watch and had me hooked from the very from the very first time I saw it. Due to the type of defence employed, a game of Capoeira is almost always non-contact.  The aim of the game is not to “take out” your opponent, but rather to show off one’s skills and trick the opponent (by using kicks, acrobatics, trickery and movement) into a defenceless position, where theoretically you could then finish him off. It is fast paced, thrilling and beautiful to watch.  Capoeira is a full body workout, exercising the mind, body and soul.  The lessons learnt in Capoeira can be applied to many areas of life, in itself becoming a way of life.  Capoeira has the following benefits (amongst others):
·         Improves cardiovascular fitness;
·         Improves agility and co-ordination;
·         Tones the entire body;
·         Strengthens the core and promotes weight loss;
·         Builds self-confidence;
·         Motivates the learning of new cultures and builds relationships;
·         Enhances the reflexes;
·         Effective form of self-defence; and
·         Most importantly, Capoeira is loads of fun and can be practiced by men, women and children.
Casa Da Capoeira started up in SA almost 15 years ago and is led by Mestre Paulo with a host of Masters in training and instructors.  CDC has been involved in many prestigious events and performed at events such as the Barcelona/Sundowns gala evening and match, Virgin Atlantic and Flight Centre corporate events, Brazilian Presidential visit, theatrical productions at Grahamstown Arts Festival and the State Theatre.   For more informaton about Capoeira, please contact Paulo on 082 852 7401 or Luke on 082 491 8973 or visit our website

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