Solar Hot Water Geysers

By: Bonitcom Energy  10-01-2010
Keywords: solar water heating, hot water, Water Systems

Bonitcom Energy sell the Chromagen:Afrilanga Solar Water Geyser in 150, 200 or 300 litre sizes.

The Chromagen:Afrilanga Solar Geyser is a Closed Loop or Indirect system. These systems are normally used in cooler climates to prevent freezing and scale build-up. An anti-freeze/glycol solution is heated in the collector and indirectly warms the potable water inside the geyser by circulating within the “Double Jacket” built into the Geyser.

It is always advisable to increase the capacity from what is currently installed, due to the storage nature of the Chromagen:Afrilanga technology, however determining the size or number of Geyser required could be based on an average of 50 litres of hot water per person. We suggest that if you already have a 150 litre electric geyser to move up to a 200 litre as utilising the larger storage facility continues to reduce the reliance on back up ESKOM electricity. Only a 2’C temperature loss  is experiences if no water is used during the night however if some water is used, the water will generally stay quite hot.

All Afrilanga Geysers come with an electrical back up element however informed usage of the system could lead to zero electrical back up being required.

The Afrilanga Geyser is specifically supplied with a Timer Device to comply with ESKOM Rebate conditions. This is to ensure that Geysers are not using ESKOM electricity during specific Peak times. The Timer can also be used to monitor water temperature.

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