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Burn Xtreme from Body Sculpt Labs

By: Body Sculpt Labs  11-28-2011
Keywords: weight loss, lose weight, weight management

Sculpting your six-pack just got easier. Body Sculpt’s Burn Xtreme is a unique thermogenic igniter that will fire up your fat loss and push your heat dial into the red zone. Body Sculpt contains an exclusive, synergistic blend of potent ingredients engineered to help you torch fat. If you want real results, you need a fat burner that's backed by real science. You need something with clinical doses of powerful ingredients, not heavy doses of ineffective stimulants that result in negative sides. After all, you want to get lean, not lie awake at night because of too much caffeine. Unlike most fat-loss products that are over-stimulated and don't contain the right ingredients in the correct amounts to actually torch fat, Burn Xtreme’s formula is based on published studies, and it contains correct dosages of each carefully chosen ingredient. It is a premium fat-loss product that can help rev up your metabolism to help you sculpt your 6-pack while sparing your hard-earned muscle.* Burn Xtreme was formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients at correct doses to: • promote fat loss while maintaining muscle* • increase energy and focus* • increase metabolism* • support healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range* • promote a healthy appetite level*

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