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By: Bila Shaka Clothings & Entertainment  01-06-2010
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It is universally known that music has its own unique way of lighting up the darkest of souls. Almost all that we do is associated to music in one way or the other not forgetting the memories that it brings. It is in that light that Bila Shaka Records was started two years ago.

Bila shaka records specialize in music and sound production, vocal recording and other associated services. Strategically situated in Jo’berg CBD, it boasts a spacious state of the art studio.

The love of making music in a very professional but affordable way in monetary terms was the driving force behind this outstanding establishment. The ideal location of the studio coupled with professional producers, sound engineers and staff has ensured Bila Shaka records gets is fair share of success. This has seen it rise from underground obscurity into becoming a household name not only in South Africa but Africa as a whole.


Bila Shakas ultimate goal is to provide musicians with facilities to create high quality music productions ready for international marketing and distribution



Producing Hi-Fidelity state of the art recording coupled with:

Vocal training and recording

Backtrack production

Music arrangements

MIDI programming

Mixing and mastering

CD/DVD production

Bila Shaka records takes a realistic yet immersive stance at music and thereby establishing a new mark in the industry. Thanks a lot to  lots of hardwork and dedication on the part of the staff and stake holders who ensure that the clientele gets the “Bila Shaka experience” and walks out with more than they bargained for.

ver the years Bilashaka entertainment has grown and as a result Bilashaka Clothing was born. We are basically a company that manufactures modern apparel and accessories.

We boast an array of fashions which are creatively designed to give the “perfect fit” for all occasions. A combination of luxury and comfort is used to ensure the target market derives maximum satisfaction from the products. The main product groups include casual wear, sportswear and shoes.

Many brands have branched of from the mainstream BilaShaka collection.

These include:

Stolen Diamond

Dede (Tich Tire)

Bila Shaka

Fundi Frank

Keywords: Clothings

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