1 Data Bureau

By: Bdb Data Bureau  11-11-2011

NAEDO protects your business against debit order defaults. NAEDO transacts randomly early each morning, just after the salary run, so youget your money first. Once-off payments or instalments
can be collected on any date(s), on any day, except Sunday and public holidays; from current, savings and transmission accounts. Request more info here. Standard Debit Orders with the added convenience, security and personalised service that BDB provides to its entire client base, also at an excellent price. AVS [Account Verification Service] checks personal details and bank account numbers for a match to give you the security that you are collecting from the right account.

Credit service options are:

• Pay salaries, easily and effortlessly.
• Make scheduled payments.
• Pay garnishee orders at a flat rate of 0%. [Charge only on transaction rate.]
• Make payments to SARS.