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By: Banzi  11-11-2011
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Oliver Barker and Banzi, under the auspices of ‘Books on the Wall’ publishing, have been publishing commodity maps of South Africa since 1986 when the first Coalfields Map of South Africa was published.  This map is now in its 7th edition with a stronghold of supporters and subscribers, it has become a benchmark publication for the industry as well as being recognised nationally and internationally as an in depth insight into the South African coal mining industry.   

Along with this seminal publication Banzi also publishes the Platinum Map of Southern Africa (3rd edition published in 2008), and the Gold Fields Map of South Africa (first published in 2003). 

More details on all of these products can be found below, along with order forms for them.

Coalfields Map of Southern Africa

Barker’s Coalfields Map of South Africa originates from a study of the coal industry for US clients in the mid-1980s. Originally put together by manual cartographic methods the first edition was published in 1986.  The map has gone from strength to strength with the fifth edition (published in 1995) being the first to be entirely compiled and produced by computer aided techniques and software.  The map is now in its 8th edition published in 2010.  

The map has become a standard reference for the industry and is recognised locally and internationally as a comprehensive insight into the South African coal industry.  Throughout the editions one can see the interesting changes to the coal industry that have happened over the years.

The importance of the map has been recognized in education, both at school and university level.  It is a reference for industry and investors as well as for general public interest.  
The map, showing the coalfields and distribution of Karoo rocks in Southern Africa as well as the distribution of active coal mines, provides information about the type of coal produced, mining methods and markets supplied by some 90 collieries in South Africa.

The compilation of the map from data supplied by the coal industry was achieved through AutoCAD and AutoCAD MAP. This technology provided Banzi with the powerful GIS capability necessary to achieve this task.

Platinum Map of Southern Africa

Banzi has recently published the third edition of the Platinum Map of Southern Africa (2008), with several impressions made for an expanding subscriber list the map is the most complex edition to date.  The first edition, published in 2002, was born out of the 2000 boom in platinum exploration and expansion as an increased interest in charting South Africa’s platinum resources was sparked.  The map contains a wealth of information including the location and boundaries of the various mines and projects, the reserves and resources of the operations as well as a percentage breakdown of PGEs in the mines and projects.

All in all it contains essential information about the platinum industry and is a highly recommended resource not only for the industry itself but for teaching institutions, libraries, technical colleges and businesses, (in fact, part of the success of the maps lies in their relevance to a diversity of people).  The map is made possible through the support of its subscribers, who are usually the main producers, suppliers and consumers in the industry, and Banzi has always worked closely with the support of the major platinum producers as well as international merchant banker JP Morgan South Africa – all of whom have pledged their support in the publishing of this map.

Gold Map of South Africa

The Gold Map of South Africa was published in 2003.  It is a comprehensive illustration of the industry with information on mine boundaries as well as reserves and resources, mining methods, production statistics and plant types.  It combines information on the state of the industry as well as providing very useful historical information on this important industry to the economy of South Africa.

The Gold Map of South Africa is available in print format and digital format *. 

Keywords: Gold Fields, Map, Publishing

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Banzi has been involved in numerous geo-legal investigations including data capture and report preparation for compensation claims for tunnels, loss of reserves/resources due to dam construction over mining land. Banzi provides services in the fields of computer based geological modelling of mineral deposits and mine evaluation, including aspects of rock mechanics, utilising highly skilled local and overseas programmers.