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By: Atomic Marketing  11-11-2011
Keywords: promotions

  • Promoting- this is achieved through being there and should the customer enquire to anything at least a specialist will be there to assist the customer in the direction of your brands product.¬†

  • Selling at store level your brand's product line- From introducing and Initiating contact with the customer, thereby establishing basic needs, once established, showing, proving and demonstrating to the customer that through your brand's product features, benefits and relevant advantages that this is what the customer came for thereby reducing the price and increasing the value in the consumers.

  • Train in-store sales people on product knowledge on the product range. This in-turn makes the in-store sales personnel more informed and confident to sell product constantly.

  • ¬†Merchandising- We will ensure the product is on display, the prices are marked, it is clean and presentable, that there is point of sale that it is up, if we are on promotion that the promotional point of sale is up. Reinforce the promotions and any other activity's you are running with the in-store sales people.

  • Report the stores activity, stock levels and points that need to be followed up with high accuracy all on a weekly and monthly basis. (Our product specialists meet consumers, observe them interacting with our products and ask them questions all over the country. Every year, we interview thousands of consumers about how they use your products, what they like and what they do not like. The reason is simple: we want to know what consumers want from your products.)

  • Product Specialist
    As previously mentioned we will create a team of highly trained specialists devoted only to your brand and they will do promotions for no other competitor. The specialists work on the weekends for a minimum of 9hrs. Specialists are full time tertiary students. Specialists are paid monthly by Atomic.

    Keywords: promotions