Pest control

Keywords: Pest Control, Pest Services, Rats

Summary of services provided:

control and eradication:

* Fumigation for crawling insects.                      

* Bedbugs.

* Fleas.

* Lice.

* treatment for crawling and flying insects.

* Baited rodent stations.

* Rodent cages (Traps).

* Bird removal.

* Bird proofing.

* Bat removal.

* Bat proofing.

* Wood borer infestation treatments and certifications.

* Snake repellants.

* Lizard and other reptile removal.

* Pavement and walkway spraying for weeds and grass.

* Garden treatments for weeds and insects.

* Aphid treatments for gardens.

All above mentioned applicable for Domestic and commercial i.e. Hotels, resorts, large buildings office blocks,

Filling stations, restaurants, factories, warehouses etc.

Hygiene control and management:

* Supplier of cleaning chemicals food rated and non food rated.

* Supplier of cleaning chemicals for construction industry and automotive industry.

* Supplier of cleaning consumables and Brushware.

* Supplier of liquid soap dispensers.

* Supplier of hand towel dispensers.

* Supplier of soaps.

* Supplier of mechanical dryers and other hygiene related products.

* Pricelist available upon request.

Consulting services:

* infestation surveys and site specific prevention methods.

* Building and estate pest management and control solutions.

Our guarantee

 If we have signed a minimum of a one year contract, we would visit the contract site as per contract but in addition, we would not charge for any emergency call outs for pest issues relating to the contract.

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