Portable Mini geyser

By: All days Plumbing   03-26-2010
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 How does it work? Put the white plastic ball in a drum of water. Switch the electric plug on.You will have warm water within a few minutes.

This is the cheapest method to get hot water. It is cheaper than heating up an urn on a stove.It is far quicker than a kettle, which only heats up 1.7 liters at a time.To heat a 20 liter drum will only take 20 minutes.
Even if you have a geyser, a red dot minigeza is much cheaper than the prepaid electricity cards. A reddot minigeza makes water as hot as a kettle. The electric cord is 1 meter long.

This mini geyser is small; about the size of a shoe box. (19,5 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm)These mini geysers are portable.No installation; just put it into the electric plug and switch it on. It uses IPX 7, 230 Volts, 50 Hz, 9 Amps, 2000 Watts.These minigeysers' operation are maintenance free.This type of geyser is also called a "Hot Water Heater" or a "Tankless Water Heater".The mini gezas safety features include a safety control switch.It has been approved by the international Safety Specification IEC 335 and the ISO 9001.

Manufacturer warranty: 3 Month Workmanship.

Return policy: the client must return the defective minigeza to us at the client's cost.We shall replace it with a new minigeza at our cost.

Keywords: Plumbing