Paving Installations

Paving Installations from Afri Paving

By: Afri Paving  03-30-2010

Herewith a brief explanation of our installation procedure:

  • Plan: The site is measured and layout done according to plan
  • Levels: Starting on the levels, these are predetermined by the Construction Manager for good drainage
  • Surface: Designed for your specific use, prepared and compacted by means of mechanical equipment to prevent later subsidence
  • Sub-base: Compactable crusher fill is brought in, spread, watered and compacted to give you solid and rock-hard sub base.
  • Weed killer: Roundup sprayed over the area to kill all grass and weeds that may have been missed during initial ground works.
  • Screed: Flexi-screed of washed, weed free river sand forms the cushion for the bricks to be bedded onto.
  • Bricks: Form the top of the range Afri Paving - only the best are used
  • Grout: A wet mixture of plaster sand and cement is worked in-between the bricks to form a strong bond and seal the surface
  • Surface compaction: During the grout operation a mechanical surface compaction is done to bed the bricks to a smooth level into the flexi-screed