Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting from Affordable Adventures

By: Affordable Adventures  11-27-2009
Keywords: Team Building, Conferences, Venues

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting combines infrared beams and computer technology with the classic sport of clay pigeon shooting. 

A trap launches clays at various speeds and angles and up to 5 people are able to shoot simultaneously with modified over and under 12 bore shotguns which have been modified to fire laser beams at the clays in a perfectly safe environment.  There is no “kick”, however, computer controlled sounds contribute to the realism.

Conventional clay pigeon shooting has one clay, one person shooting with only one shot. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting has one clay, five people shooting and each person has two shots.  A computer then determines within one thousandth of a second the order of hitting the clay.  An indicator on the shotgun also gives instant feedback to the player so they know if they hit the clay or have missed!  Spectators are able to follow the progress on the electronic scoreboard.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is not harmful to the environment.  The guns fire harmless infrared beams at reusable clays.  The sound is computer generated with adjustable volume.

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