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By: Aaron Stanger  11-11-2011

Aaron Stanger & Associates was founded by Aaron Stanger in 1990. This boutique law practise has since then established itself as one of the most prestigious niched law firms in South Africa and enjoys a clientele of the who's who of the South African business world.

In addition, Aaron Stanger & Associates has a significant international practise in the area of Wealth Management and Fiduciary Services, including the following:

Aaron Stanger offers both corporates and high-net-worth individuals sophisticated planning for their complex financial needs over their lifetimes and future shareholders and heirs.

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AARON STANGER, ATTORNEY, WRITER & STRATEGIC CORPORATE ADVISOR believes that never in South African history has there been a more meaningful role for Trusts and that the advent of Capital Gains Tax has increased the importance of having a Trust as a key component of ones wealth protection strategy.